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new space!
2002-11-06 - 5:50 p.m.

Moved into new office. Oh yeah baby, Gen has a cube with a window to the world. I just watched the sun set. Ah... The new office is so lovely. New carpet, new walls, new space for fridge and microwave, new conference room for meetings or parties, new offices for many with new furniture and a new way to organize my desk. Not that it is perfect, I still have to stand on the Weasel for a few more things, and getting here was like pulling teeth at times, but all in all, ah....

And, my blood pressure will not be raised by having to fight with conference traffic for a space in the parking garage I pay to park in. plent of parking, what a good thing.

So, I've just gotten thru most of my email, still have to set up the second computer, and organize my cabinets and deal with less storage space, but really, some of my stuff needs to be tossed anyway. I found a Graduate catalog of classes from Fall 2000.

But, that, my friends, is why I have not updated recently, busy packing and moving and planning for move and cleaning old place and setting up new place.



but, I too had a lovely weekend. There was cold, there was a new Pelican (yay Karen!), there was a tourney, there were winners (vivat Logan and Isabel) and there were the winning challenged. :) All in all I had a great time.

Sunday was a lovely party for Beth and Steve so folks could meet the groom prior to the wedding this weekend and that they couple could take the time to relax around friends. We sent extra food home with them, it was great.

Last night I picked up the blue glass. Y'know, it always seems so much better in my head... I also got a book on Advanced Glass Techniques to paw through.

And since I have to jet, I will leave you guys with a link to the new Henge. I'll give you a hint, it's not the wooden one or the one of stone. :)

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