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candy wrappers lay strewn about the place...
2002-11-01 - 5:43 p.m.

We got to go visit our new office space again today. The cubes are in mid-construction, but seem to be turning out nicely. They cover part of the windows in the main area, but when you sit down in the cubes you'll get to see sky and treeline out the windows. Really, who needs to see mucky ole' Route 1. But we will be able to know the weather outside without consulting groovy. The move is planned for Monday, Tuesday, and hopefully we'll be done by Wed, but we have that buffer just in case. Keep your fingers crossed.

I finally took a picture of Rob's completed banner to show off. Of course everyone at Crown will see it as well. Doing my part to add to the heraldry on the field. Speaking of heraldry, my badge has passed Kingdom and is being sent up to Laurel for approval.

In the meetings held in October, 2002, the following items were considered by Atlantia. These items were approved and forwarded to Laurel on the October, 2002 Atlanitan Letter of Intent. We anticipate Laurel ruling on these items in February, 2003, and we should hear the results in April.

14. Genevieve d'Aquitaine (6/1997 Atlantia) - New Badge: (Fieldless) A fleur-de-lys vert.


So, Halloween. Since this was our first Halloween in the new house we had no real idea of how many kids to expect and of what caliber. I happily report that we had nothing but charming children, most were hesitant to take more than one piece, I had to tell them to take two. And the costumes were so cute. One little girl was dressed as Left-Eye formerly of TLC (cute tribute), one was a ballerina under her overcoat, there was a ladybug, a couple of witches one in purple and black stripes, and I'm sure there were others that I mentioned to Alan who stayed as far away from the door as possible. I was still dressed in costume for answering the door. I waved at all the parents who stayed on the streets and received lots of "Thank you"s. Of course when asked what I was, I replied a Roman, it was easier. I am happy to report that while I did not run out of candy, I will also not be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week either. The last two kids were teenagers. When I asked them what they were dressed as, they at least had the dignity to hang their heads in shame. They tried to convince me to give them the rest of the candy, but I promptly replied that then what would I eat? But I did give them larger handfuls and they were polite about it.

Then we ran off to LC for the costume party and free booze. Thanks to the AoD's coupon post card we 5 in costume got one free draft drink each. I was in my obscure costume, CPM was a black-eye pea, Jake was dressed as a Fed-Ex delivery person, Kevin was dressed as HAGRID!!! and boy did he do an amazing job, and of course the Angel of Death herself was dressed as a Moulin Rouge girl as promised. And she looked great; corset, cute floofy short skirt with bustle, fishnets and garter. She even had a nice beauty mark under her eye. She won $50 for her costume in the contest held later in the evening. The man dressed in drag was a really good effort but I think too scary for most to truly applaud. We had a lovely evening, and were home in bed before 1 am.

these late nights back to back are wearing poorly on me.

Tonight, since we sadly do not have house guests to entertain, we'll be bumming around the house and tidying up a bit. I hear a Swiffer cloth and the dusty bookshelves and fridge top calling my name. Tomorrow is Crown Tournament. It is always exciting to see the competition for the next Heirs of Atlantia. It will be chilly, but hopefully dry and otherwise lovely. I keep thinking it is better than the past 3 Crowns that have been 80 degrees or more and humid. I hope to see many of your smiling faces there.

Upon reflection I realized that this week I have done some painting, some glass blowing, some sewing, and even *gasp* some sous cheffing, as well as a bit of tidying up. Wow, next week I hope to be a complete bum... :)

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