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2002-11-11 - 5:46 p.m.

Okay, I'm sorry, I've really been too busy with the move, unpacking, new schedule, etc to write here. will you ever forgive me? I didn't abandon you, I promise... :)

so, today your heroine has battled the evil hiccups, like all day. Try recording a voice mail message with the hiccups... it's just wrong.

Sunday was a mild birthday party for Roland. Theo made home made pizza, and it was lovely! And folks sought their own entertainment. Corby with the Spiderman comics on the couch, Alan napping on the other couch, bevy of embroidery geeks in the sewing room with patterns, and Rob, Rags and I played Hearts, with real cards, not on a computer. It was lots of fun. Even if I was the ultimate loser.

Saturday was celebrating Beth and Steve's wedded bliss. There was lots of drinking. lots. But I don't think too many got completely stupid drunk. The food was awesome, the DJ didn't suck and we danced and danced and danced, and the company was perfectly lovely. Beth was radiant, and Steve was dashing.

Friday night was Laura and Corby cooking dinner in our kitchen. Pork Roast, asparagus with hollindaise sauce, and mashed 'taters. Yum! I love it when my friends cook in my kitchen, very nice of them.

And last week was being a complete bum in front of TV aside from laundry and retrieving my blue glass. And on the blue glass note, here are pictures. I didn't have the time to make thumbnails, so you have to deal with the larger pictures up front. So sorry

later peeps!

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