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2006-11-02 - 3:52 p.m.

Sigh. I hate to say it, but Halloween was a grave dissappointment. Ha! Grave!
While I was not denied the fabulous company of the AoD, we were denied trick-or-treaters. Seriously, in previous years we had a horde that would rival that of Ghengis Khan, both in terror and in numbers, but this year we only had a trickle. I even went to the trouble of decorating the foyer with netting and spiders and blue light bulbs (green ones on the outside lights), and I had not one but two of the cutest mini-jack-o-lanterns ever seen. All that work, and ten bags worth of candy and only a trickle of treaters? Boo. Handing out the candy and seeing the cute little munchkins in their costumes is half the fun. This year the fun was in toasting pumpkin seeds and chatting about lots of random stuff with friends. We even left a sacrificial pile of candy where the jack-o-lanterns sat for the roving packs of teenagers when we went out to dinner, and the pile was untouched when we returned.

So I hear from my dental hygenist yesterday that she experienced a similar drought of treaters to disperse her candy treasure to. Also, several co-workers had similar distribution problems. I heard that the current trend is to bus all the children to the mall and trick-o-treat there. I guess it does come with well lit paths and public restrooms, but still, where's the fun in that? What am I do to with all of this candy? Expect to see it at Crown and Unevent definitely, as it can't stay around the house. I've been so good with the weight loss lately and Halloween is not going to stop that.

Next year I say screw the treaters, I'm going dancing.

hooray. Crown is this weekend. Should be interesting to watch. Must print out those coronet leases for signatures on Sat. See many of you monkeys there.

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