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Happy Halloween
2006-10-31 - 12:05 p.m.

Today Normal Wacky Gen is replaced by Pirate Gen! Arrggghh! Alas I had to leave the wheel lock, cutlass and parrot at home. Gonnes and swords not being allowed on a college campus, and the parrot would greatly hinder work productivity, as well as create a mess on my shoulder. I do have both the Pyrates Royale playing as ambiance in the office, as well as the Backyardigan's A Pirate Says Arrr! in my head. Whoo hoo! You can hear the Backyardigan's here on YouTube, but ignore the video (which is funny but NOT the Backyardigans) as I couldn't find it free elsewhere.


So a bit of a cop out as the pirate costume is left over from Lost Cause's Xmas performance, but it is still applicable and works for today. Interestingly enough I've gotten both smiles and giggles and not an eyelash batted at my outfit today in the office. I wonder what would happen if I dressed up as a pirate every day?

Last night, on a whim on my way home from the storage unit, I swung by a Giant to grab more rubber bands for braiding my hair, essential to any pirate outfit. While I was there I grabbed a couple of cute small pie pumpkins. So instead of carving one giant jack-o-lantern, I carved two itsy cutie jack-o-lanterns, while watching Corpse Bride. Let me tell you, they are really really precious. Alas, I mailed my digital camera back to the manufacture for repair this weekend since the lens was malfunctioning, so I have no way to share pictures of it. Perhaps I'll ask AoD to bring over her camera tonight to capture their cuteness.

I think I am prepared for the onslaught of urchins this evening, and happily the Angel of Death is coming over to help me hand out candy. Afterward the plan is to join folks out for dinner post fighter practice.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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