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All by myself...
2006-11-09 - 4:35 p.m.

So it looks like I am on my own for the Pas this weekend. pout. My sweetie has opted out of tagging along since he can't fight, his back is bugging him (hence not being conducive to a long car ride) and really, the leaves need raking anyway. I think going to a pas and not being able to fight would only make him sad and pitiful. Alas, I will just have to soldier on, enjoy the king sized bed on my own, and hang out with NC friends. There will also be a lack of Morgensterns this weekend since they will have an attack of family, so no one to bum/share a ride with that I know of.

It also means no hand sewing in the truck on the way down, but since it isn't for a new outfit for this weekend, it's not a big deal. But I do really need to get my new e-bethan outfit done for Jamestown. I got the skirt pinned/pleated onto the bodice, call it 170 pleats, to be sewn down tonight-ish. Then it is just a bunch of hand sewing for the hem and top-stitching in places, etc. Then I can move onto the wool petticoat and fitted doublet. Nothing to it, right? Shit, Thanksgiving is a week and a half away. Ah well, can't bail on this weekend since I promised folks I'd be there, I'm really looking forward to Gracie's feast and I know it will be fun once there. C and P have graciously offered me space under their shade, so that's where I'll be parked, when I'm parked.

So, last night was another night of what I've been calling Torture TV. Start off with one viewer trying to lose a significant amount of weight, watching mindless TV while doing the laundry. Turn the TV on to channel 23 at 8 for America's Next Top Model. Then after the torture fest of too skinny women with no chest or booty whining about shit and put in funny situations, change the channel at 9 to Biggest Loser. Then after watching the too chunky people lose weight at an inspiring and amazing but unhealthy rate as I sit and snack or eat dinner or fold laundry, change the channel to Bravo to watch the next episode of Top Chef. Finally after watching a show about really tasty food that is torture to an admittedly non-cooking girl eating applesauce, go watch the Daily Show and end off the evening with a bunch of yuks. So it ends okay, and can be pretty amazing TV, but the particular combo just seems like an exercise in envy.

Fittingly I plan to wear green this weekend.

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