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Dressing up?
2006-10-30 - 12:12 p.m.

So, question time. How many folks plan on dressing up at work for Halloween?

Back in my days in IT, it was common to at least get dressed up for the IT Halloween party as there were prizes and lots of great (office) fun on Halloween. I've been everything from a harem girl, to a black widow spider, to Cinderella from Ever After, to Venus and Lara Croft. But my current position is much more professional, and I haven't dressed up much in recent years. This year though I'm thinking of going pirate, since it will be easy. Put a little spider web table cloth on your door and a magnetic bat on the lintel and all of a sudden, I've raised my co-workers' anticipation of Halloween. It will mean I won't have to re-dress up that night to hand out candy.

So, could you dress up for the occasion tomorrow, and will you? Just curious.

This weekend was yet another one of being trapped by the snuggly fire roaring in the fireplace. It trapped us for random TV on Friday, and for my picture organization on Saturday morning/afternoon, as well as for random TV and conversation with Theo and Roland on Sat night. The Hun-e-B will be happy to know that the evil acidic photo eating pages she saw last month are now gone, and my old photos from high school will be better preserved. I also found some more old photos, especially one of the cat that I grew up with, as well as the ponies my grandfather bought and took care of for us. Need to scan those and load them into Flickr. Sat, Theo made fresh homemade marshmallows, the alien, and they were super tasty roasted over the fire post sushi dinner. Alas, we neglected to get graham crackers though.

Sunday was spent sucked in by a Hex marathon on BBC America. Alan always laughed when he walked by and saw the confused/intrigued look on my face. It is an odd show, and yet oddly compelling. And really difficult to describe with fallen angels, witches, lesbian ghost best friends, and whatnot. At least I got a lot of knitting and sewing done this weekend in front of the tube, as well as many hours radiating in the glorious heat of the fireplace.

Next weekend is Crown, and I have to run by the storage unit tonight to sign a new lease, now that we have to pay to store the regalia and properties, as well as fish out goods for the Heirs. le sigh.

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