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feelings of accomplishment
2006-10-23 - 4:44 p.m.

This weekend was very relaxing and productive at home. Friday night I was a little grouchy, but a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and Gone in 60 Seconds later and overall I did well. I started and finished assembling a new linen Elizabethan shirt for Alan, including finger loop braiding for the ties. I got a pattern hopefully worked out for a lightly boned pair of bodies for a set of front lacing petticoat bodies for myself. The bodice is assembled and has handsewing and a little more fitting left to do. I also picked back up a set of knitting needles with plans to make a knitted 16th-Cent chatelaine set of pin cushion, small pouch and possibly a knife sheath. Initially I had completely forgotten how to knit since it had been so long, but I only had to cast on three times to get it right and it all seems to be working now. All this also means that despite feeling accomplished, my wrists and hands are killing me. I tried to take pictures, for archival reasons as well as them being worth a thousand words, but my darn camera is acting up. Need to troubleshoot that.

So, on the whole an excellent weekend with fun TV, entertaining movies, wonderful dinner and conversation with friends, and string arts throughout.

and this just made me laugh and laugh this afternoon...
You scored as Alfred. You are Alfred. The mother hen of your group, you lead a virtually thankless existence in the name of love. You treasure those around you, and though you spend your time running around straightening their messes and tending their wounds (physical and emotional), you know that deep down they love you too, and wouldn't mind if you took a break - but god knows how they'd survive without you.

















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