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truck woes and MOD
2006-09-26 - 11:37 a.m.

Continuing with weird dreams, last night I dreamt I was locked in a dungeon with my wrists shackled. When I woke up startled, I realized it was just the wrist braces I wear each night.

But along the lines of premonitions, my dream about my Dad giving me grief for spending more money on repairs than a car is worth has sadly come true. My dear truck Scarlett has passed 100K miles, and needs front brake pads, and has leaks in the seals in the front and rear differentials. Estimated repair costs are $2500, while her Blue Book value is roughly $3500. Oh, and I tossed money her way in March (?) for new rear brakes. While I love my truck, at what point do I cut and run to a newer model? It is possible that once these repairs are made then she'll be good to go for a good long while. But what if she's not? Can I afford it? The one silver lining is that since Rhett is running fine, I can have her front brakes fixed and contemplate the question a little longer. Thank goodness for a 3rd vehicle.

But I hope this doesn't mean that I'll wake up in 4 days and find myself shackled in a dungeon.

Masters of Defense was quite a bit of fun. I worked the MOL table, and everything I hauled to the event got used this time. Well, except my string arts in my basket, but that's to be expected. I even got to herald Royal Court, which was great. I don't miss being a retainer, but I do miss being behind the thrones and seeing the looks on rewardees faces. The winners were; Marcellus for the overall rapier with 25 wins, Sir Vlad for the overall heavy winner with 23 wins, and Sir Corby as the overall Master of Defense who had to best Theron in the semifinals and Roland in the finals to come out victorious for the second year in a row. The first year he was the overall heavy champion. This year we had fewer fighters total (24), but greater quality of fighters on the field. Of those 24 fighters, 8 crossed over from the heavy to the rapier side to qualify for the title of Master of Defense. Corby gave the prize, a blue leather belt, to Theron for his prowess shown on both fields, who also earned a shark's tooth from Their Majesties.

We then adjourned back to our place for a late but great party to celebrate Corby and Thjora's 11th Wedding Anniversary, which hosted a wide variety of folks, some who stayed until 2am. Hooray party!

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