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Truck woes part 2
2006-09-28 - 10:30 a.m.

Well, I haven't woken up shackeled in a dungeon, yet...

But I shouldn't have said that Rhett was running fine. Curses. As I was driving him yesterday the hesitation in the engine was more extreme, and the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. So I dropped him off after attending a Faculty Meeting, and picked up poor non-repaired Scarlett. Apparently Rhett needs a bunch of little stuff done to him; plugs, wiring, CC recall, and I can't remember the laundry list of everything else, but it amounts to a significant sum. At least he'll be happily ready for the load that will be required of him for Crusades in a week.

Yikes, Crusades in a week. Somebody shoot me. Interesting that Crusades anagrams into "da Curses" or "sad Curse"...

So, I need to take Scarlett by Carmax this evening, after running to the storage unit to search out a seal, to get an estimate on how much they will buy her for. Please let it be respectable. I'll test drive whatever SUVs they have on the lot that I like, but I think I have already found my next truck. So much so that I called her Scarlett Two (red 2006 Explorer) for a while and then realized that was like naming a puppy I wasn't sure I could bring home. I'm keeping my options open, hoping to try out other brands and sizes, and trying not to run back to the dealer to pet her, hug her, stroke her fur and call her George (ia).

All in all, September is not looking like a cheap month in the Gravesend household. At least it is almost over.

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