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2006-09-22 - 1:41 p.m.

While getting a Starbucks machiato after lunch (which is a special sign to those who know how rarely I drink coffee) I was randomly reminded of a dream I had last night. Instead of my wonderful Scarlett truck I had a dream that I was back in my original car, a beige 1982 Buick Skylark (that ultimately met with an inferno of a demise.) Apparently I had $800 worth of work done to Junior (I've been naming cars for ages, but my older sister named Junior) of some unknown variety, and my Dad was giving me a pile of grief for doing a dollar amount of work to the car that was far more than it was worth, let alone what we paid for it. Dunno what that means but I think I still feel like I'm being scolded. Comments on Freud and dream interpretation can be placed in my Diaryland Notes area since guestbooks are imploding.

Ironically enough, this month's image on the Despair calendar is Pressure: It can turn a lump of coal into a flawless diamond, or an average person into a perfect backetcase.
Guess I'm more average than I thought. This is even funnier, or more ironic, given my break with sanity last night, but oh well.

Since my last rhumetologist appointment I've been trying to keep track of a few daily things, namely; diet, activity, hours of sleep, stress, pains and mood. Sadly a good mood is hard to find in those archives. So, in classic Sex and the City style, the question begs,
Does constant pain put one in a bad mood, or can a persistent bad mood manifest itself in constant pain?

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