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What?! Huh? Oh yeah, right... an update.
2006-09-19 - 11:09 a.m.

Been a long time, sorry to the two folks who care. For some reason I've been in a more or less constant foul mood since Pennsic, with minor happy moments. So, honestly, you probably didn't care for anything I'd have written in the past month anyway.

Coronation was lovely. I feel guilt for keeping the Elspet elevation secret secret. It wasn't mine to share, but still... I posted some pictures from Coronation, mainly of the vigil set-up, to my Flickr page. It was great to see folks, even if I did pretty much spend all non regalia-transferring time at the vigil. What can I say? There was food, friends, and a chair with a back. I was honored to get to speak for Elspet in court, but I admit paid little attention to the rest of the goings on. Hooray Freddy, Alice and Ros on Shark's Teeth from Pennsic. That much I caught. I missed Val's feast, but had a yummy steak dinner out with Chris and Bera, Freddy and Alice and Thjora, so it wasn't all bad. It wasn't too hot, but it was humid, and Ursus has a really unflattering picture of me leading the charge to swear fealty. Perhaps I should print it out and put it on the fridge...

The weekend following Coronation we had a party at my place, so that all the folks who missed Coronation and Elspet's vigil and elevation could party with her, sign the book, and in general celebrate her Elspet-ness. I went a little overboard with the flowers, which I sent home with the lady of the hour, and surprisingly little food to clear up and put away. Hooray.

This weekend I skipped the Chalice event in lieu of mowing the lawn and retail therapy. Thjora and Alan went to the event to visit and MIT, and had a lovely dinner afterwards with the little seen Mel the taller.

I tackled the lawn which was in desperate need of trimming with the reel mower. Alan's busted flipper has not been conducive to lawn maintenance, and it had gotten a bit out of control. So for the first time in over a decade, me and my allergies went out and mowed the lawn on a Saturday morning. I have to say, the reel mower is much nicer on the allergies in general. Less motor running output and the grass doesn't fly and get the itchy particles flipped into the air as much. After an hour of work, you do have to go over the lawn at least twice with the reel mower, I had received a good workout and took the lawn back from "jungle" to "could use some work". Sadly I need to remember not to wear a short sleeved V neck doing such a chore as I did get covered in a few reaction spots on my chest and arms. Easily maintained with the right magic cream, but frustrating none the less.

After mowing, resting, and clean-up, I then departed our domicile for some serious shopping. I first picked up fish food for the pond fishes, and then headed to Arundel Mills. Yes. On a Saturday. I don't know what I was thinking. But I had scoped out the Mall map in advance to park as close to the sections I wanted to visit, which worked out well. I visited the new LB outlet store, the Old Navy outlet store, and also Off Broadway shoe warehouse. 4 hours later I left with quite a bounty of goods. Knowing that I had already missed the dinner with Mel opportunity, and being somewhat disappointed with Off Broadway Shoes selection, I went to Columbia for DSW shoes, and had a grand old time there. After I put three pairs of shoes back, I checked out with four new pairs of black flats.

The shopping expedition was prompted by a desire for a few new clothes for the Fall, as well as a need for flats. My feet just can't handle heels very well anymore, and my current non-heeled selection of shoes was getting pitiful and overused. So, six new pairs of shoes really isn't that bad when you stop to consider you gotta work 5 days a week. And I was getting tired of the loafer look.

On my way home from shoe-mania, I picked up Chicken Tikka Masala from Akbar's, and ensconced myself in the basement with Buffy Season 3 episodes until Alan and Thjora got home.

Sunday was purging the closet and putting the new clothes away. I did take pictures of both my purchases spread out on the bed, and my purging of the closet, but need to upload them. I bought 7 new tops, 3 new pairs of pants, and 6 pairs of lovely new shoes. I cleaned out three bags of clothes and one bag of shoes for charity. I figured when I had to dust the shoes off, it was time to give them away. Now I just need to find the time to run them by the Salvation Army, or answer one of the unknown callers to get the Purple Heart or AmVets to come get them.

Unfortunately I'm paying for my activity spree of mowing and shopping. Sore muscles from pushing the mower and holding over my left arm my horde of stuff to try on is taking its toll. My allergies have kicked in a bit more too, likely due to the dust of purging and the grass of mowing, but also just general Fall oogy allergens. I'd love a clear head, just once.

I'm sure you're all glad you stopped by for this extremely boring account, but I felt the need to update. Besides, what I really want to rant about, I can't. But I'll leave you with this lovely thought:

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