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pre-Pennsic vacation
2006-08-01 - 10:37 p.m.

First, excellent news for those who have been waiting for the means to buy Lost Cause's Lookin' for an E CD online. You can now find it online at CD Baby with additional sound files to give you a taste. Hooray! You can also find us in N18 at Pennsic and purchase a copy in person. :)

There will probably not be any more updates before Pennsic, with work and packing and all. So, see you folks at the war.

Instead of last minute preparations the weekend before Land Grab, Alan and I flew down to Forida for a brief mini-family reunion. We got to see my parents, sisters, their husbands, and the incorrigible nieces. Friday we flew in and went immediately to the docks to set sail in the Gulf. We had gentle winds, so put up the lovely rainbow genoa, and set a heading to Egmont Bay for some salt water swimming. After we had our fill and the nieces were tuckered out, we swam back to the boat. Captain Walter noticed an approaching squall, so we then motored as quickly as possible back to the marina. We didn't manage to outrun the rain, but we missed most of the brunt of it and just got a little wet. We saw jumping dolphins periodically, and even a pod of rays flapping about in the bay on our way back in. You can see my sailing pictures on my Flickr site. I also got a short video of us on the boat, but I need to find a way to compress it and maintian the quality without making it an insanely huge file as it is now.

Saturday was fun hanging out, eating and shopping in downtown Dade City during their Carribean Christmas in July festival. After the heat of the festival we retired to swim in a neighbor's pool and play around with the nieces who were "born to swim." Clint marinated and grilled the most amazing steaks for dinner that night with several Hawaiian friends of Mom and Jing. We also got to watch Jinger and Josh's dive video from two of their dives (one being my little sister's 100th dive) in Hawaii. Their friend caught on underwater high def film sea turtles, lots of fish, a few octopi, some eels, a monk seal and a white tipped shark.

Sunday I slept too late to visit my grandmother in her alzheimer's home, or to go to church, so Alan and I swam some morning laps in the pool and then joined the rest of the family at a hearty brunch at the clubhouse. Afterwards we left Clint and Josh to mind the girls and Alan to fix my Dad's router config, and the sisters and I went to hang out in peace, to split a bottle of wine and good conversation.

All in all we had a lovely time, lots of fun, catching up, playing with the nieces, and lots of good food. And now we return to one week of the real world, mad packing, last minute land agent and camp steward changes due to the sadly sick Garibaldi, before two weeks at war.

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