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Pennsic 35, the good, the bad
2006-08-24 - 4:03 p.m.

Pennsic was lots of fun, with only a few minor grumpy days. Excellent two weeks of vacation, fabulous company, great Vair and Ermine camp this year. You can see the few pictures I did take in this Flickr Set.

There is no way I could do an entire summary, but some of the high points were:

The bad things were missing Theo's amazing company, and sounding like Kathleen Turner/Lauren Bacall/a frog the entire second week and still due to an assualt of dust, wood smoke, nasty smoke from tikki torches and other black smoking pots in camps, and nasty moldy hay bales. One of these days I'll find the key to not getting sick at the end of Pennsic requiring antibiotics. I didn't go to the bog once, nor did I drink any Cooper-water, I washed my hands religiously and took my Emergen-C everyday. I don't know what more I could do. sigh...

Pennsic was a blast, and now there are still piles to put away, drying canvas to fold and general clean-up to do, not to mention garb for Coronation. I think I could use another week of vacation.

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