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busy night
2006-07-20 - 12:33 a.m.

Okay, so the fourth was nice, Storvik Novice was a blast with great company, including Mr. Tommy, and last weekend was fairly relaxing too. I got more cleaning done in my sewing room and felt-lined the new AV crown boxes. I'm still achy, though not as bad as five weeks ago, thank goodness. I went to an appointment with a new rheumatologist who was very thorough. Need to move more, not less in general. blah blah blah. xrays looked normal, we'll see other test results on the 31st. In the meantime, don't mind my kreaky bones over here.

Look at our pretty pictures of our pond lotus blossoms instead. They have since passed in glory, but live on in film, er, sorta.

But tonight, Tonight was a great productive night.

Alan calls saying he'll be late as he's doing something work related at BWI. It's okay, I had lots of plans too.
Started off the evening with a lovely 30 minute theaputic massage, ah... and then I got my hair cut. Just a trim, don't worry, needed to get rid of some split ends before the abuse of Pennsic.
After that I zipped on over to the Chiropractor so he could adjust me for once when I'm all relaxed, instead of just after the tensions of the work day. Ah..
Then I did a quick grocery run of needed items (milk, B-complex, rolaids, etc.) which was fruitful and efficient. Hooray.
On my way home I swung by Garibaldi's house to return the key, see how the sick kitten was doing, and give Theo her Birthday present. I even got precious pink striped koala socks for cat sitting.
Finally I got home, unpacked groceries, put stuff away, sorted through the mail and set off to feed the fish since Alan still hadn't made it home.
As you might have guessed if you'd ever been to the house, we don't just have a goldfish or two in a bowl. Oh no. So first I feed the living room tank with the large wiggly loaches! Then out to the backyard to feed the hoards of splashy pond fish. We also had a return of our juvenille Northern Goshawk. As I was quietly sitting on the bench, he flew down to the patio chair and again took flight when I turned to look at him. No fish for you babe. Then I returned inside to feed the den fish and pop down to the basement to feed the space bar cichlids.
Once I washed the fishy smell off my hands, I go take stuff upstairs and grab the laundry that needs doing. Get a load started and I call Alan at 8pm to check on his status.
I made us some tomato and basil risotto with tomato and basil sausages for dinner and he arrived home just as I was dishing the portions out. Hooray!
The rest of the night has been tending to the laundry and watching Project Runway, Season 3. I'm hooked.

So, here I sit in all my trimmed hair, relaxed muscles, happily fed, clean laundry glory waiting for the last load to come out of the dryer so I can retire to bed. w00t! The dryer just dinged!

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