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4 days of calm
2006-07-05 - 3:02 p.m.

Mini vacations can be so restorative. Hooray for the 4 day weekend. Yawn for having to return to work.

Despite a very tempting invitation to join friends a few hours south, Alan and I opted to stay home pretty much the entire weekend. It was nice and refreshing to sleep in, nap, lay around the house, be slightly productive around the house, and only go to minor excursions from said comfy house.

Friday night we crashed Roland and Theo's for a steak and corn on the cob dinner. We didn't want to be mooches, but apparently those steaks had to go. Well, okay. There was tasty food, interesting cocktails, and retirement to the space bar to watch Snatch (natch), which to me was like a British Pulp Fiction. whoa.

Saturday was sleeping in, picking some of the ripe California Blackberries that have spontaneously grown on the slope behind the pond, lazing around and reading, a soak in the tub, and an outing to Mannequin Pis for amazing Belgian food, and a private showing of O Brother, Where Art Thou? in the basement.

Sunday was sleeping in, reading, some cleaning of the sewing room, a theater showing of the Devil Wears Prada with Theo, speed shoe shopping at DSW (curse Sunday early closings), dinner at Akbar's Indian Restaurant, and home for beaching, just in time for the power to come back on, and watching MIB on TV.

Monday, I'm fairly certain I didn't leave the house. Sleeping in, laundry, several more Will Smith movies on TV (ID4 and I, Robot), and chinese/sushi delivery.

Tuesday I got a call that my Pearl scroll was done being framed at Michael's, so I went and fetched it and groceries for Alan and I's own private cookout: ceaser salad, burgers, dogs, grilled potatoes, baked beans, and a small amount of fresh watermelon. We watched the fireworks on TV (WETA) and in general capped off a lovely relaxing weekend with a lovely relaxing day. Inspired by the return and framing of said pretty scroll, I took pictures of all of our real (aka: not promissory) scrolls and loaded them onto the end of the Gravesend page on my site. The art is so lovely, I just had to share with those I'd never invite, I mean..., those who won't likely get the chance to see our living room. :) Enjoy! I tried to give credit where credit was due to the artists involved.

Hope you guys had a Happy Fourth Holiday as well... Back to the grindstone.

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