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Status Report: all things crazy
2006-01-18 - 2:59 p.m.

Back to the office this week. Classes start in a week, so there will be lots of class set-up madness to come as we chase down the last minute faculty. So naturally I'm distracted at catching up on diaries.

Alan seems to be doing amazingly well. He's not on crutches, and is just doing periodic icing of the knee after a day of activity. Not up to full speed, but no taking 6 weeks of no weight on the leg to deal with either. It was nice working from home last week. Able to work and tend to my sweetie, to a certain extent. But I realize why I don't work from home regularly. I'm too distracted, and easily seduced by the idea of a nap.

Twelfth Night was nice, and I apologize to those who ran into my hyper focused nature. I'm glad Violante's vigil went off without a hitch, and her ceremony was pretty good. It is nice to have it done though. I did forget to get pictures of her kaba/kaftan for my files, but oh well... I like running vigils, find them fun. AoD says I should write something up about them. Perhaps in due time.

Cut to random conversation amongst a group of Peers, with only one of them having a single active student: Discussion about how we should take up the responsibility to take students to pass on our knowledge. The problem is that you never need my random knowledge until you do. I can't find someone to train with Lady in Waiting skills on the off chance that they might be needed by a Crown or Baronage. Teaching a random person the details and runnings of vigils could be useless to them. I don't autocrat or cook or do any of the typical service things. That and I don't think I've entirely gotten comfortable with the idea of mentoring one person long term vs. teaching a group of folks a small random thing. Sigh. Anyone got pointers? Words of wisdom? Don't even know where I'd start looking. Anton said at Christian's vigil "Squire the heart, teach the sword." Not sure if it directly translates to service.

And, if for some reason you (the random you) have been thinking of approaching me with a question, but haven't, please do.

So, back to Twelfth Night. The parts I saw were fun. Got to meet fun out-of-kingdom spanish geeks. Got to gorge on Val's roast pork cubes. Had a lovely time at feast with company, and a sleepy Alan. And on Sunday, Jessamyn, Louise and I went to see the Style and Status Ottoman Textile exhibit in the Sackler gallery. It was very nice. I'm actually contemplating going back this weekend before it is done. We were only there for a few hours, but it was still a lot to take in. The detail available to be seen was astounding. Loved everything from the garment pattern pieces to the fabric patterns to the top-stitching and buttons and finger woven trims. Totally drool worthy. You can see a good summary of a bunch of stuff on Asim's pages. I had a great time hanging out with those fine southern ladies. It was great going through the exhibit with knowledgable friends that could all do the "oohh, didja see that?" with. Good Times.

And now, onto the non-sequitor quiz results of the day: stupidcute
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Oh dear god, save me. Funny thing being that I didn't go on to be a Chem major due to the Math involved, oh and Organic Chem. At least it did put linguistics last... sigh.

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