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Third time's the charm
2006-01-11 - 12:10 p.m.

So, yesterday Alan went back in under the scope for yet another look into his persistently aching knee. The first time was just a look, "don't worry, it'll heal on its own." The second time was a look and inserting darts/stiches to hold the tear together to encourage it to grow back and heal fine. Long recovery time and Alan did something stupid sliding on the slick garage floor too soon after surgery. This time, the tear had lengthened and deeped, so they just snipped it out. Recovery is going well. Should heal fairly quickly, and hopefully be back up and kicking ass soon. Give it a couple of weeks though.
We're home this week and weekend, I get to play nurse/waitress, and all is going well. I feel the need for a nap though...

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