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what if...
2002-11-15 - 4:28 p.m.

How about a different survey...


you could be a superhero? Buffy

You could be a monster? a siren

Live Abroad? London sounds lovely, and wouldn't require learning an entirely new language

Speak a foreign language? French

Marry a star? already did... okay, um, for some reason Matt Damon comes to mind.

Compete at professional athletics? I'd love to be good at swimming again, or hockey!

Be an animal? fox

Eat something right now? Saag Meat at Ackbar's Indian Restaurant in Columbia MD.

Have sex with someone in the room? I so do not want to sleep with anyone in my office. Ask me later when I'm in a room of lovely people, like tonight. ;)

Be a TV Character? Cordelia on Angel, Willow on Buffy or the First Lady on West Wing

Take a once in a life time vacation? I'd like to visit the moon. Keep your space cadet jokes to yourself

Play a musical instrument? piano or guitar, curse my shorter than normal pinkies

Spend one day with a person out of history?it would have to be Elizabeth I, or Leonardo da Vinci

Improve one part of your body? rock hard abs wouldn't suck, and skin that behaved. :(

Drive any car you want? only one? I want one of everything! late 60's 'stang, 2002 suburban, land rover, miata, old 70's oldsmobile station wagon with the wood paneling on the side, early 80's Toyota Supra, a stock car, a Jeep, a '74 convertible Chevy Caprice Classic... cars are magic as far as I'm concerned.

Have a magic power? telekinesis or telepathy

Be who you want to be? for the most part I like me now, but I'd like to be in better shape with out all the work that goes into it and I'd like more disposable income. I have decided that I like where I am, and I would difinitely not like to be famous.

Right now my skin is bugging me. Trying to decide if I'd feel better if I stuck my face in the freezer, in a vat of oatmeal, or rolled around on sand paper. It'll heal, but I am so glad my plans tonight involve me sitting in a dark theatre watching Harry Potter. Let's just say that flourescent lights are extremely unkind to my irritated complexion at the moment. My sisters used to be jealous of my non-oily skin when we were growing up, until the day they walked in on me crying from the pain of it all... breathe... in with the good.... out with the bad...

is it time to go home yet?

So, Wed. night Wendy and I went shopping! We randomly ran into Tara as well. It was fun, we found great buys and ended up taking home a huge haul. I think we shopped hard core from 6pm to 9:30. Found Wendy a lovely green velvet top to go with the skirts she found at another store. Absolutely gorgeous. Found a nice black jacket, slacks and shell set for Tara. I ended up taking home 4 new pants that I needed, two tops that I didn't but loved, 4 new nice cotton comfy bras (one has snowflakes on it even...) and a random evening dress purchase. It was on sale, at Nordstroms, and it is red, glorious gorgeous dark red, (skin must clear so I can wear red...) and it fit really well... Spent more than I should have, but loved every minute of it, except putting two sweaters, that I liked but couldn't justify, back. Then Wen and I went out for sushi at Sushi Sono and split the sashimi platter and a dragon roll. Oh my goodness, if we had known what the dragon roll was from the start we would have just gotten two of those and other random stuff a la cart. Dragon Roll good! No, Dragon Roll phenominal! It was even in the shape of a dragon with a fried shrimp head at the beginning and tail at the end. tee hee! gotta love cute, colorful and yummy food.

Well, that's enough of the horse...

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