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2002-11-12 - 11:17 p.m.

The last of the laundry tosses in the dryer while a small pile of darks beckons to be folded. And since I was online to check some work stuff, I thought I'd make a real update hre.

So, back to election day. I was a good citizen. I got up a full hour early so that I could make it to the polls by 7:15am. And yes, I voted almost straight ticket Democrat. Sometimes it feels like tossing pebbles in the Grand Canyon, but someone has to attempt to balance the gun owning, truck driving, gambling aficianados I work with. :) But the important thing is that I voted, right? Every vote counts.

Today I set up my new PC at work. Dude, I got a Dell! Pentium 4, 1.79GHz with something like 256 Megs of Ram. Sometimes it's just nice to have a clean slate of a computer to work with. And sometimes it is a pain, depsite the perks. Like, for example, when I saved my bookmark file from my old PC and put it on my new one, the display titles for all the bookmarks were gone. So, that will be a fun small project tomorrow. At least it was saved in the bookmark description, so all is not lost. Of course this means moving my old PC to my secondary PC place in my cube, and moving my old-old PC to the cube next door to be the PC with the scanner. yay scanner! So, I did spend a bit of time crawling around on the new carpet hooking up the various computers. Quite a fulfilling day, really. I like monkeying with the computer boxes sometimes. Now, if I could just get the speakers on my old PC to work so I could listen to CD's on one while I work on the other. :)

Sunday was indeed a lovely day. We woke up and bummed around until it was time to head over to Rob and Wen's. The pizza was delicious, as to be expected. My favorite is the carmelized onions, feta cheese, hummus and balsamic vinegar on pita like pizza crust. I know, it sounds wierd, but so does balsamic vinegar on strawberries, and that is yummy. There were sudden squeals of laughter from upstairs periodically. Just proves that 3 heads are better than one when it comes to making a pattern for squirrels or vair. :) It was strangely satisfying to play with real cards for a change. Actually playing cards in general, I haven't even played solitaire on the computer in ages. When we all parted our seperate ways, we got home and got Mike and Kirsten on their way home. Dinner, since we weren't too hungry thanks to eating pizza all day long, we had the yummy left overs from friday night. Leftovers that I finished off for lunch today at work. Mashed taters and roasted pork, insert Homer Simpson donut eating noises here.

The wedding, on Saturday, as others mentioned was lovely. I confess that we actually missed the ceremony, quick as it was. The traffic on 495 around College Park conspired against us, as well as our late departure due in part to really yummy french toast and bacon. But Beth was indeed radiant in plum. Steve was quite dashing in his dress coat and a kilt. The food was yummy, especially the pig and stuffing. And the DJ didn't chat us up with a bunch of schmarmy talk, he just played good dance music and let us all go crazy. I danced a bunch, so much my feet hurt from the high heels on the boots. But it was worth it in the end. And Maxi was so cute in her white silk bandana for the dress up occasion. Although, Max did not seem to get along with James and Mitake's Ennis. Poor Max, just wanted to play.

Finally, Crown reinforced my need for more flannel garb. Hmm.. I forsee a flannel G63 in my future. How soon in the future is the main question. The fights were honorable and good. But I think the value of listening to the rules before the Tourney was reinforced. I took the opportunity before the tourney to show off my ruffled hand blown bowl. Many folks didn't believe me at first that I had made it. But the candy corn seemed to convince them. And, no, if I make a pitcher, I will not show it off full of beer, thankyouverymuch... It was great to see Karen elevated to the Order of the Pelican. The room may have been a bit packed, but it made it nice and cozy for court, not overly hot. Of course, this week we've had 70 degree weather. Whodda thought? Strange weather patterns lately.

This weekend we get to look forward to a laid back weekend. The glory of being on-call is that it forces me to stay home and close to a connection at least one weekend a month. It's a blessing mixed within a duty. :)

But first, is Harry Potter! Gina should be getting us tickets to a Friday night showing! I can't wait! Chamber of Secrets!! In less than 3 days, I will be seeing it. :D Now, we just need to get Book 5 released! Come on J.K.! We're dying here with anticipation.

time to fold and crawl in bed... nighty night!

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