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quiet weekend indeed?
2002-10-22 - 1:41 p.m.

poignant songs heard on the long traffic jammed drive into work today...

Alive by Pearl Jam

Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm


Alan's drive into work terminated in waiting an hour to go 2 miles, being stopped at road block so he turned around and came home. He usually drives right by Aspen Hill on his way into work... I got to work in 45 minutes. Of course the cells were all busy so I couldn't call into work and let them know I'd be late. Luckily I could send a brief text email from my phone letting them know. Like an idiot, I forgot to sign it, but I'm the only one coming from Montgomery County to our office and my coworkers are smart, S-M-R-T.

All of this thanks to the latest shooting by our friendly neighborhood sniper-man...

I think I jinxed myself by hoping for a quiet weekend. For the most part it was loverly. Friday night was bumming around the house, dying my hair (natural color, don't get excited), and watching Monster's Inc. on DVD. Cute movie! Confirms my view that children are toxic. :) Saturday we were completely antisocial. Watched Home Dec shows, went furniture shopping and bought new dining room chairs, new end tables for the family room and a new CD rack which fits perfectly in the hole we had for it. Took a nap, arranged some Movies and CDs on new shelves, ordered japanese food delivery, watched History Channel, hung some pictures on the walls, watched Jeeves and Wooster, went to bed way to late. Yes indeedy, the first half of the weekend lulled me into a false sense of security in my life.

Then came Sunday. Sunday started off with calling folks about an impromptu get together at our place since Teri is back in town. Then we finally got around to installing the closet org system in the den closet upstairs. w00t! More workable closet space! That left us 45 minutes to get ready for folks to come over. And I got to talk to my best apprentice brother on the phone too, always lovely.

Folks came over around 2pm. It was nice and lazy, just hanging out and chillin'. Brian and MenG brought Grace with them. Teri and Keith brought our wedding present with them. Teri got us a peronne (sp) from Spain, a lovely painted piece of pottery for wine. Pour wine in large hole to hold, and out smaller hole to air the wine as it is being poured. Damn smart little spaniards. Tara brought pictures to share from last weekend and Brian and MenG's wedding. I loved the one of the AoD posed as Martha Stewart over the spread of vigil food. tee hee hee... Folks departed around 4:30 to go back to their Sundays and ours was just about to take off.

As Rob, Wendy and I start to become one with the furniture, Alan brings up the subject of dinner. Since we bought new dining room chairs, he wants to use them. While I see the validity of his idea, I'm not in the mood for pizza, chinese or Outback Takeaway either. Wendy brings up dissenting idea of going to Blue Ox Cafe in Olney. Good food, far away, now is the families with children time... blah blah blah. We finally settle on Wendy cooking in our kitchen. But to call our kitchen woefully stocked for real food would be an understatement. So Wen and I pile in Scarlett and head out to the store to buy supplies. While there we get the call from Alan that Kevin and Jake are on their way up so dinner is for 6. Groovy, the more the merrier. I admit that the time in the store I just followed Wen around picking up stuff as she went through possible dinner menus in her head and looking at what was on sale. There was one call to home to verify what was and wasn't in the bare pantry, and then we were purchased and on our way back home.

Once home a flurry (note: not fleury) of activity happened in a short span of time. There was bacon to fry up, spinach to clean, chicken breasts to prepare, pasta to boil, sauce to make, and pine nuts to roast in oven. Kevin and Jake arrive sometime in there and Kev got put on Spinach detail. Bacon was done and letting to cool to be crispy, and pine nuts were set roasting on broil in oven. And then pine nuts were promptly forgotten by all. And then the pine nuts were promptly burned.

Apparently pine nuts are very oily. Instead of just burning like all decent forgotten food in the kitchen, the pine nuts had to go and catch fire, stupid little pine nuts... So there was an even greater flurry of activity as the oven was opened and flames lept out, Gen opens the sliding glass door to let smoke out, oven is opened and more flames leap out, Alan gets fire extinguisher and with powerful fire fighting fu he banishes the flame without getting anything on the dinner items on the stove top. Now carbon pine nuts are set outside, more windows and doors are opened to let smoke out, smoke detectors go off disturbingly late in the game... smoke is wafted out windows and doors (opps, forgot about that storm window!) and Kevin is nearly choked as smoke rises and he is nearer to ceiling than the rest of us. :)

But, after the smoke had cleared and the air was good again and the table was set, the 6 of us sat down to a lovely dinner of warm spinach salad with bacon bits and romano cheese, fettucini with fresh from scratch alfredo sauce, and chicken breasts stuffed with mozarella and prosciuto, and a bottle of chardonnay... It is was delicious. And green and white... Not a bit was ruined at all. Wendy truly out did herself on this last minute notice. I had some of the left overs for dinner last night even. Then after a failed attempt at mouse, since our hand mixer got lost in the move, we settled in front of the fireplace (where fire is supposed to be) and made yummy s'mores for dessert and opened another bottle of wine, sweet this time. Everyone pitched in with dinner, dessert and clean up equally and all was happiness, despite a little smoke and fire. Alan and I were up late cleaning a bit more, bumming around and trying to clear the smoke and it's remnants from the house...

But our tale is not done.

Monday morning, Gen oversleeps and as she is rushing to get to work Wendy calls with a plea for a ride to work. Her Tahoe is being finicky and not starting and everyone else has already left for work. I happily agree to give her a lift, but in my rush out the door I forgot my brain. Or at least it felt like it. I left behind the present I needed to take to fighter practice to pass off to her Susieness. My cell phone was dangerously low on battery and my car charger was in the other truck, and I left my palm pilot in the den... I might as well had just left my brain at home, I was scattered the entire day. sigh...

So, my weekend in a nutshell: hair dye, animated movies and home dec shows, new furniture, picture hanging, closet installing, friend entertaining, great food and better friends and little smoke and fire...



now, if only we could roast the sniper's nuts...

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