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2002-10-18 - 3:26 p.m.

Okay, it's one of those Fridays...

So, here's a few online games to monkey around with while those last hours tick away...

This is a Gnome Dart Game at least that is my best guess. It's all in german, so make up your own rules. The best I can guess is that your goal is to capture the gnomes and launch them at the dart board on the wall. You can either use the lasso to the right, the glass flask will get them drunk and theoretically make them easier to catch, or you can just double click on them and hold down and the dart board will come into view for you to launch them. Good Luck!

This is a Girl Power Game. Trust me guys, you don't want to follow this link. Girls? Have fun with the hammer. :)

I swear, my coworkers find these things, it's not me...

So, to those who wanted pictures of my loot, here you go. If you click on the pictures they should take you to bigger versions of the same item. Oh, and I'm really bad at taking pictures of shiney items. No really. My humble apologies to the makers of the fine shiney items for my poor ability to show them off.

First is the lovely applique banner that Lisette made for me.

Notice the "Prozac" jar holding the end of the banner to make it close to level.

Here are pictures of the cloak and hood that Theo made for me

This cloak has 36 fleur de lys on it, yes I counted...

The belt Bera wove for me is out of copper silk thread

Here's another detail of the belt

Here are two (very poor) pictures of the medallion that Thjora made. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the picures really don't do it justice. It is very shiney and pretty.

And last, but not least, the shiney hat Roland kindly made for me. I hope he got better pictures because mine was really sad. But it at least gives you an idea.

Well, that's about it, you guys have a lovely weekend!

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