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and then there was a vase
2002-10-23 - 12:15 p.m.

Hello Boys and Girls! Do you know what time it is?

That's right! It's time to see the results of Gen's glass class. Did she burn herself again on a hot iron? Did she cut herself on broken glass? Did her hair get fried off in a freak furnace explosion? I'm happy to say the answers to all of the above questions are a resounding Nope!

Okay? So what did happen? yeah, I hear you, quivering with anticipation Well, we made bowls this class. Since Andy, my class partner, went first last class, I got to go first this time. After a demo of how to make a bowl by the instructor, I set to work. I made a lovely little ice cream sized bowl with a slightly turned out rim. I don't think there were too many errors in the first piece. To make the bowl, you blow out the bubble larger this time and flatten the bottom, with a little divet for the punty iron. After tranferring to the punty, we reheated it and opened up the neck of the bubble to bowl size and then turned out the brim and flattened it. I could have used centrifugal force in the glory hole and if I had spun it faster it to open it up, but I needed the practice with the jacks. Jacks are a tong-like shaping tool. While Andy made his bowl I got to practice making punty irons for transferring a piece for working on the top. It also helped me a lot by giving me practice in the glass gathering (getting the blob of glass from the furnace on the iron evenly) technique. Then I got to make a second bowl. It was going so well, and then on the way out of the glory hole one time I accidentally bumped the piece up against the wall, so my second bowl has a tumor-like bulge near the rim. sigh. But, I did get to make it with ruffly edges. whoohooo!!! Pictures of those next week.

And now to reveal my very first hand blown piece of glass. My own little vase, pictured here without and with flower: :)

click on the images above for larger versions.

Yes, my little vase is small, has thick walls, is lopsided and dumpy, but by gosh it is my first piece! yehaw! And let me tell you, my bowls (even the one with a tumor) are even better! I put the tape measure in the picture to give you guys an idea of scale. I got a bunch of people thinking my first little glass snowman was much larger than he really is. Really, he's tiny, and this vase is short... but there you have it.

Sorry, this entry is a little focused, but such is life when learning something new.
Say Goodbye! boys and girls...

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