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2002-09-23 - 5:25 p.m.

Ah, what a lovely weekend. It was fairly nostalgic as well as an unmatched opportunity to hang out with old friends I don't get to see nearly often enough.

Friday night after errands, Alan and I did a very low key dinner of splitting a sandwich from the grocery store, and watching bad movies on TV. The end of Dude, Where's my Car? and the second half of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Both pretty bad, and fairly amusing at times. Spent a bunch of time chatting with my lovely husband. I adore that even after knowing each other for 5 years, we can still find topics to discuss that don't induce MEGO in the other.

Saturday I actually woke up at 9am, just wrong on a weekend when I can sleep in. Then there was Home decorating/improvement shows and laundry and a bit of cleaning here and there. I laugh now, but at one point Alan goes to clean the ceiling fan in the den and ends up stirring up a ton of dust right above the PONG chair. And he didn't get it all. I looked right at him and asked "Do you hate me so much?" allergies, dust, bad. I ended up having no problems and finishing cleaning that didn't involve spreading more dust around. Then came packing and showers time as we readied for the trip to Richmond. We opted to take the Tahoe, and Wendy and Rob show up at 3 to pick us up, but neither of the Morgensterns wanted to actually drive the truck, so I volunteered. Driving the Tahoe in heels, which lacks a convenient place to rest the left foot, was interesting. I felt like a kid with ants in their pants the entire drive, shifting position. That and I chose poorly with the VA side of the Beltway and we were in traffic at the dammed mixing bowl for a long time. I made up time on 95 south of DC, but our travel comfort zone was lost. We made it to the wedding site 15 mins before the estimated start time.

The wedding, which should go without saying, was lovely. The gardens were breathtakingly gorgeous. The groomsmen looked stunningly handsome. The music was light and delicate, Azza on the dulcimer and flutes. The bridesmaids were visions in silver silk sheaths with embroidered diaphanous jackets. And Susie, dear Susie was nothing short of amazing in a flowing white tulle veil, embroidered a-line dress with loose sheer embroidered sleeves. The ceremony was light hearted, enjoyable and serious when necessary. There were distant sounds of caribean steel drums from another wedding in a nearby garden, which actually added to the festivities instead of being distracting. The vows were obviously very intimate, between just the two lovers, barely whispered, but heartfelt. There was a fainting groomsman who unfortunately locked his knees, but it did not ruin the moment at all. And the finale of jumping over the broom upon exit added a lovely touch as the couple begins their new life together. Holding hands with Alan through the ceremony was so very nice, so comfortable as we smiled at each other remembering our own only a few months ago.

The reception was a hoot. Munching on Hors d'oeuvers, two glasses of wine and chatting with Mel and Gyrth and Michael. Finding a table of enjoyable companions in the forms of Vlad and Angus, later joined by Keilyn, Rags, Kymber and Wynn. I swear we laughed the loudest, had the most fun, and had front row seats to the dinner buffet and the cake, with Joker and Harley cake toppers. The bride's father tried to blame the toppers on our trouble making table, but I had to inform him I heard of those at least a week ago. :) It was so good to see friends from near and far. Every little new thing from the growing Regan to Nadine's new pageboy haircut. Angus saying he'd be on the dance floor right after Balynar, but Balynar was on the dance floor early because the love of a woman will make you do strange things. After much poking and prodding and getting no response, he simply could not turn down when the Bride asked him to dance. It was classic, we made certain for the photographer to get pictures of this rare occurance. Note: Rags has a diabolical mind. Most moving of the reception was the couple's first dance. They had a shining moment on the floor, intimate and just the two of them. They danced to Rainbow Connection, from the Muppet Movie. You may find it funny, but the entire audience sang along.

After this part I found Sorcha preparing a plate of food to take up to Andrew who had removed a slightly cranky Regan from the reception so as not to disturb. Sorcha, in a stunning evening gown of black crepe and black velvet in a spiral around her, made everyone's jaws drop almost as much as Susie did. Sorcha obviously wanted to dance, so I offered to take food up to Andrew since we hadn't visited in what seemed like forever. The next thing I know I've been chatting with Andrew, rehashing old times, going over what's new, playing with the baby, and folks come to fetch me as it has been 2 and a half hours since I left the reception site. But given the opportunity I would take the hours of conversation that I so miss over dancing to wedding reception music anyday. I was eventually fetched and taken back to the N-D Bed and Breakfast for more chatting late at night, hanging with my fellow Puffs (yay! Mel's Back!!), and just having a good time.

Sunday saw Gen the third person up, which never happens by the way. I got to chat with Alan and Kirsten in the kitchen while she made biscuits for part of brunch, and get the dose of caffiene. Then Jer and I went to the grocery store for more supplies for omelets for everyone who came over. I got to ride in the famous SHO, and we got to run around Winn Dixie like a bunch of children collecting fruits, veggies and cheese to take back. Then he went to work like a madman in the kitchen turning out cooked sausage, custom made omelets for everyone, we all ate in shifts and when all were fed to their hearts' content, he walked into the living room to applause. No one went away hungry. Due to food coma it took us a while to remove butts from the sofa and get on the road home. Hard to leave the Buttercup Puff when she just got back. And who knows how long she'll stay? We got home around 3pm thanks to Blossom's speed driving and low traffic, and I took a nap and sewed some, and chatted more with my wonderful husband about many topics. What a wonderful weekend I had. I can only hope for more like it.

So, who's getting married next? Ah, yes, Keilyn! Whoohooo!

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