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life on parade
2002-09-20 - 3:57 p.m.

Life has been a bit busy. Let's review shall we?

Meng and Havorc brought little Grace Elizabeth Martin (GEM!!!) into this world on Wednesday, Sept. 18th, around 2:30pm. All reports say everyone is doing fine. Can't wait to meet the little gem. Mad props to Meng for surviving a tough pregnancy, and hopefully the pain in the back will ease up real soon. Not the pain in the neck, the pain in her back... :) The pain in the neck is just beginning, welcome to parenthood.

My favorite quote from Coronation that I forgot to mention: I'm sitting with Violante chatting and oogling the sleeping Jessica, and Alan comes over to give me a smooch. Violante proudly holds up Jessica and Alan nods, and she says "Want one?" in that expectant way that new parents who want their friends to reproduce so their kid can have friends way... Alan's response? "No thanks, I already ate." I love that man. :)

Enough of the baby moments...

I gave blood yesterday. Yay me! Also signed up for another appointment in November. I used to give blood regularly in highschool. But then they quit taking my blood since as a vegetarian my iron content was too low. And then I got a tatoo, wait a year, still iron too low, go back to eating meat, yay, get another tat, let's just say it's been a while. So, since they need B blood, I think I need to get back in the swing of donating again. It doesn't cost me hardly anything. And I get free cookies and soda from the deal. Okay, so I did get a little lightheaded this time towards the end of my bag, but Carrie, the tech, took great care of me. And now I have this proud little hole in my arm, right above my iron-burn scar. Random trivia; Alan, Bob, Laura and I all have the same blood type. Only 9% of the population has it as well. We discovered this over a dinner on the road one night. Bizzare, I know.

It turns out that the class I wanted to take was full but since there was enough interest, they are opening a class on Tuesday nights for me and this other guy. Need to mail in my deposit and release agreement today. I can't wait, this should be lots of fun!

Gee, what else has happened? Hard to recall. Yesterday was so busy at work, and so has this week been. At least when busy at work it stays off the boredom.

Got a mix CD from Tess from the girls night out last friday. I re-discovered it in my CD case in the truck. I gotta say that rocks! I was so proud of myself that I actually knew 6 of the songs on there. Great mix of beats, genres, sound bites, it's been playing in the truck almost all week on repeat. Whoohoo!

Oh, and I also started work on Bobby's banner. I cut out all the pieces, stuck them to the background with the spray adhesive, and let them sit. Last night I actually started the machine applique. The piles are done and I started one estoile last night. The little stars will be a bit of a challenge, but not an insurmountable one I trust. Besides, there are only four of them. I've already gone through 2 bobbins, but let me tell you, the new sewing furniture with the ability to sew flat with the arm of the machine is a godsend. w00t! Next I have to test what I'm gonna do with the ermines. Paint them on or see if Theo has scraps of red trigger to applique them as well? And then I need to see if I can find more documentation on the loops on the banner to hold them on the poles. Should I do black down the side and gold on the top, or all black, or all gold, and should they be large like the ones others have done, or smaller/thinner like the ones I saw in the Tre Riches Heures book I have. Hmmm... Imagine it, Gen getting a project done well ahead of the deadline for it. Shouldn't speak too soon, might jinx myself.

And this saturday is Susie and David's wedding. I'm really looking forward to this party. We'll escape Suburban MD on Saturday afternoon and then are staying the night at the lovely and accomodating Niemann-Dawson Bed and Breakfast. I'm sure she'll be lovely, he'll be handsome, the rain will hold off til Sunday, and all will be well.

But first is tonight, a night at home. finally! I believe I will try to leave work a little early so I can patronize a small independant book store for more Narnia Chronicles, and then visit the chiropractor (love that man!) and then grocery shopping, and laundry and all sorts of fun. And more importantly, sleeping in tomorrow morning! :)

Have a good weekend all!

You too Heathcliff...

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