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celebrate susie weekend
2002-09-16 - 4:59 p.m.

Well, my weekend was Brigit-less, since she couldn't come up for the weekend, but it had very good and wonderful doses of Susie and Laura.

Friday night was a girl's night out. Got to have dinner with Laura, Jake, Melisande, Susie, and her work friends Andrea, Kirsten and Tess. Dinner was lovely, food was great, company was better. What an interesting mix of folks. And thanks to Laura, not only were we on time (relatively), we were second and third at the restaurant. At one time we were sitting around informing her coworkers about weirdness that is the SCA, talking about our SCA names, and when asked I said I'm Genevieve. The weird thing was the response from Tess of "Genvieve? Like Genvieve from Diaryland, Genvieve?" Uh, yeah... spooky. :) After dinner was dancing. Had a great time kicking my heels up. Hadn't been dancing since New Orleans. I had less alcohol in my system this time if that's of any consequence to those who were unfortunate enough to experience Gen in Nawlins. Just danced like crazy and drank lots of water. Luckily they had a water fountain near the bathrooms, so you didn't have to keep buying $3 bottles of water. It was a great time, but eventually our DONE buttons got pushed and it was time to go home. I, of course, got lost trying to retrace my steps to escape Arlington, and ended up taking 395 south to the Beltway and the long way around to home. Very upsetting, my inner navigator failed me. Zen driving did not pan out. I put my feet on an ice pack when I got home. High heels look faboo, but when I don't wear them often, the balls of my feet scream out.

Saturday was sleeping in late, like really late, like til 11:30am late. But decadent. Then I had a lazy brunch snack, puttered a bit, and went shopping for presents. Got flabergasted in Bed, Bath and Beyond. So much fabulous stuff, great for browsing, less than ideal for finding a specific item. And then I went to the party store to get wrapping options, which is where the Bee bag struck me. Tee hee. I also got a birthday card for someone, who's birthday is not for months now, but it was so fitting, I had to. Then I went to Laura's place to see her latest project, ended up wrapping presents there while waiting for Alan to show up, we ordered Famous Dave's takeout that Bob was lovely enough to pick up for us, and had a lazy night in. It was glorious. Watched Resident Evil as well. Really cool movie, watch Mila Jovovich kick ass!

Sunday was more sleeping in. I think the friday night dancing hit me on Sunday, I was evil sore. Woke up, took advil, went right back to bed for another hour. Woke up and watched BBC and TLC and the evil "While you were Out" on TLC. I can safely say I will not be making time in my TV schedule to watch that anytime soon. Cool concept, really poor and irritating execution. Then Alan made brunch, oh that wonderful man of mine!

Then I showered and got on the road (late) for Susie's Bridal Shower. I got there 45 minutes late since I got lost (read: neglected to put in the directions the mileage, so thought I had gone too far, when hadn't gone far enough, stopped at gas station to ask directions, consult their NoVA map and made my way there eventually.) but still had a lovely time. They played all those safe bridal shower games that they blissfully did not make me play for mine. Make a dress of toilet paper, make a collage of magazine pictures and words, finish phrases as Susie would. My favorite of those were "A woman's place is--- on the battlefield." and "If the shoe fits--- go dancing!" I don't think any of us really got any of them right. Best part was seeing Susie's smiling face, hearing about the lovely dress (no clues here David, you're safe), and the frosting on the cake. Yum!

I eventually made it home through rain and traffic and Alan fetched me a cider, and we chatted, and I read, and we ordered Chinese food and watch The Full Monty. It tickles me to no end that it was CUAN who made us watch this movie for the first time. tee hee hee.

So, all in all, I had a great, if somewhat spontaneous and last minute planned, weekend. So rejuvenating. And Alan completed the bobbins to replace spoons for me to toss. And they work famously! Aren't you jealous?

--okay, maybe not, but you would be if you had any clue what I was talking about....

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