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pen and no paper
2002-09-13 - 3:55 p.m.

So, I got bored in a town hall meeting, had no paper, no palm pilot, not even my phone to play with. I really do pay closer attention when I have something I can fiddle with. Should have packed my lucet. Instead I stole Shane's pen, and fiddled a little. :D

Tonight is a girls night out. Really looking forward to it. Brigit is coming up and staying with us afterwards. I like Brigit, she's cool people. Although way too energetic for her own good. Sometimes I feel tired after hanging out with her, and sometimes I feel energized by her presence. Laura's coming over tonight so we can ride down to the GNO together, and hopefully she'll help me over the "I have nothing to wear, I'm a frumpy old lady" routine I get into when it is time to dress up all nice.

Saturday is still up in the air. We might go to the MD Ren Faire, we might stay home and be bums, we might go shopping or something else entirely. Who knows? It'll be fun, that's my only expectation.

I found out that the class I wanted to take in new art form is full. Totally bummed out! grrrr argh. But I did get tagged in thier database as interested in Wednesday night classes if offered again. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Perhaps this is the kick I needed to get a sewing circle started on Wednesday nights at my place anyway. Anyone in the nearby area interested? Wed. nights, my place, have two sewing machines, one serger, lots of floor space, a nice cutting table, some books to look through, and patience to share. :)

Well, that is about as profound as I get on a Friday. Er, this friday anyway. BTW, Are you wearing red today? It's lucky!

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