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Which Shade of Blue...
2006-04-26 - 2:47 p.m.

So lately, my physical cue for hunger has been mild nausea. I get slightly sick to my stomach before eating breakfast, and it tells me when I've waited too long to eat lunch. And how does this make sense as the cue is counterintuitive to the act to relieve it? sigh. Just more proof that my body ain't right.

Last weekend was nice and relaxing as planned. While no sewing was accomplished, there was cooking, and movies (new Pride and Prejudice on the basement screen), and avoidance of weather. I finished re-reading the Outlaws of Sherwood and started re-reading the Blue Sword. What can I say, I'm nothing if not nostalgic in my reading choices. Also watched the HBO miniseries part one of Elizabeth I, marveled at some of the costumes, scoffed at others, you know how it goes.

Sunday began with a leisurely breakfast and discussion of what to do about seating in the basement for more optimal movie viewing, to replace the temporary Q-loveseat. First we had to acknowledge that while we adore our friends, we are the primary audience in our basement, so uber comfy seating for two is the order of the day. So, with a few internet searches under our belts, we went out furniture window shopping around Columbia. Right now we seemed to have stalled at the Lazyboy Matinee system. Trying to settle on configuration, color choice, etc. not to mention keeping in mind what could actually be put in the basement with the 9 stairs and 30" door. I think the basement door had to come off to get the Q-thing down there, so I'd like to avoid that. We're not going with the leather, because cost aside, we want something snuggly and warm in the basement, and if I got non-Old Hickory Tannery leather furniture I think my brother-in-law would have a fit. We switched the placement of the blue and red sofas, and now have fabric swatches laid out over the blue. Don't worry AoD, we kept in mind during the search the necessity of moving the furniture around for the annual Bob party. So, anyone want a free and fairly comfortable sleeper loveseat in a few months?

So last night was spent running to fighter practice, leaving to go get more fabric swatches for said impending furniture purchase, a quick stop for bra shopping where I also got a cool black denim blazer, and then back to practice to pass off the money from T-shirt sales, before dinner out with friends. Oh, Kevin? Randomly the two colored bras I got/that they had in my size and style preference were one blue one, and one gold. sigh...

Speaking of T-shirt sales, does anyone want a surplus KWAR 2005 T-shirt for the discounted price of $10? S, M, L and XL available. I'll gladly bring them to events or ship it to you free of charge at this point.

Tonight is chiropractor, laundry, Top Chef, further gazing at fabric samples, you get the picture. This weekend is Chris and Amy's wedding in NC.

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