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Fun packed weekend
2006-05-01 - 5:12 p.m.

We had a very entertaining wonderful non-sca event weekend.  And I'm sure that I am the only one surprised that I wore pink all weekend too.  I swear, I packed blue and red and cream and coral, but pink won out with each outfit.  sigh.  Makes laundry grouping easier though.

Alan and I got on the road south around 3pm on Friday afternoon. He drove the first stretch of extremely irritating traffic leaving the city, and we switched over in time for his 6pm conference call.  We stopped for a lovely dinner at Kahill's in South Hill (Exit 15, head West, on your right, excellent food, I blame Theo for the discovery.)  We didn't have to wait to be seated and enjoyed a delicious dinner of filet mignon topped with a lobster cake and a rib-eye stuffed with crab and lobster.  No room for dessert, but we left happy and content to get on the road as far as we were willing.  We eventually retired to a Country Hearth Inn in Lexington, NC for the night.  The bed was very comfy and we slept well, and a bit longer than we intended.

Saturday we woke reluctantly, showered and got on the road to Gastonia.  We had a date planned with Chris and Bera.  We got to marvel at her amazing garden full in bloom of irises, both siberian and bearded, and her very tall rosemary bushes.  We then hung out at Fiona and Kisaiya's place while we were getting ready.  I also got to pet the Freddy and Ursa a bit before getting on the road.  We trooped to downtown Charlotte for the Festival of India.  We met up with Louise and Wulfram, and Rags, Anneke and Lisa as well.  The food was yummy, but I wish I had sampled more new stuff.  The music was entertaining.  And the shopping was pretty neat too.  Bera and I got lost in the 2 for $100 silk saris and all their beautiful glory.  A bunch of the ladies got henna on their hands, but I decided not to since I had to change soon for the wedding.  Sadly we missed any of the dance performances, etc. but still had a good time.  Alan and I had to leave too soon in order to head to Albemarle for the wedding.  We said our good-byes and got on the road, getting to the hotel a little after 4pm.  We then speed changed and got ready and on the road to make it to the wedding, not early, but not late either.

The wedding of Chris and Amy was wonderful.  The setting was gorgeous on the pond at a vineyard.  The bridesmaids looked lovely, the groom and groomsmen dashing, and the bride was the picture of elegance and beauty.  The ceremony was sweet, funny at times, and ended with an impressive kiss. The reception was filled with fun friends, yummy chocolates, and just a little bit of geeking.  I caught Eldrid and Roland bent over an armour book, and know I heard Clare and Isobel talking costuming.  (Her amazing hand embroidered late Elizabethan jacket is apparently complete.  I can't wait to see it.) The cake was tasty, the wine was plentiful, and the Bride and Groom's first dance was to Rainbow Connection.  Say it with me now, Awwww....!  After the main dances and toasts much of the party went out on the verandah for further dancing.  I got Gaston to lead the conga, by pushing from behind.  The ladies danced to songs varying from YMCA to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.  I continue to be amazed at the stamina of those that danced to Cotton-Eyed Joe.  As the party wound down, Aedan had to be taught the hard way to toss the birdseed up into the air and let it rain down on the happy couple and go uncomfortably down their collars.  The object is not to blind the groom with curve ball birdseed.  At least no bruises were raised initially.  After the air assault on the people in fancy clothes, we retired back to the hotel for some relaxing in a more casual setting.  Our room turned into a gathering place, and we even got a late night visit from Chris and Amy.  Shocking!  Finally around 1am folks meandered back to their own rooms and we slept the rest of the dead, tired that is.

Sunday we slept in until 8am and scurried to the shower to get on the road.  We had plans to check out Furniture Market in High Point and visit with my sister, my fabulous brother-in-law and the cutest nieces.  We were on the road around 9am and in High Point around 10:30, Alan dutifully having spotted the COOKOUT  for our stop on our way out of High Point in a few hours.  Gary (the brother-in-law's brother) guided us in, admitting that he was a better pilot than air traffic control, but we eventually were successful at the spiral search pattern and found our way to nearby parking and met him out front with our badges.  Apparently we did need stinking badges.  He directed us to the Old Hickory Tannery showroom and free brunch where-in the catching up and niece wrestlin'/wranglin' commenced.  We got to enjoy more tasty food, excellent if exuberant company, browsing amazing pieces of furniture and all sorts of accessories.  It was good to get to see the family again, since the last time for me was over labor day weekend.  The girls, they grow so fast.  Finally around 2, we got back on the road home, after a brief stop at COOKOUT, a NC thang, for burgers and the bestest milkshakes ever!  Peanut butter Fudge....  mmmm....  So, we get home just before 8pm, in time for Alan's other conference call of the weekend, to unpack, get some dinner and watch some West Wing in the basement.

Excellent weekend indeed, jam packed with friends, family, food, fun, fabric and even furniture.  :)  This weekend is Crown.  Need to find a schedule...

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