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PowerPuff Express
2004-02-02 - 4:38 p.m.

So, the tag line was that it was a Spit Swapping kind of weekend. Of course that description was used to make the boys in our world twitch with imagery. In reality it was a food sharing, belly ickiness sharing, hotel sharing, road sharing, drinks sharing, shampoo sharing, couch sharing, boy torturing kind of weekend. In other words, I had a road trip with my fellow Puffs!


We started out getting on the road around 2:30 on Friday afternoon from Buttercup's place and heading on down to good ole Blacksburg. The conversation in the Suburban had a wide and interesting range from consuming Frostie's with straws to the idiots who couldn't pick a freakin' lane. When we got to town we all marveled at the changes it had undergone since we were last there. See AoD, I wasn't the only one going "oh, this is new!" "Hey X used to be there!" etc. Although I guess at least more of the folks in the truck were interested than the last time I pestered you guys with the advances Blacksburg has made since I graduated. After a quick driving tour of the campus and checking into the hotel, we made our way to dinner at MacAdo's where we shared drinks, cheese sticks, (unfortunately) a salad and lots of laughs and pickle slug mutilation. Then we ran over to the Kroger to stock up on supplies for the weekend, aka: more wine, drink mikers, Red Bull, straws, cider, etc. We also ran into a wide eyed dazed Otto the Obscure and chatted for quite some time while randomly calling for Wynn who he had lost. It turns out it was their Backstreet's Pizza we passed in the hotel hallway en route to our own dinner.

After we all took turns at the ladies' room and waiting for the belly ickyness to "pass" we headed on down to the party room and hung out with some folks and made a small batch of daquiri's (which seemed to be very welcoming to the K upon her arrival) and general catching up with many old and new friends. I got to meet the second Baron of Black Diamond which was fairly groovy, among other old hat folks. I think we crawled back up to our room and to bed by 1am, which was good considering we had a full day on Sat ahead.

yes, that's right, I haven't even gotten to the event yet.

We awoke on Sat. and I decided that we would all make an attempt at period hair and setting the right example instead of being slackers in the appearance department. So we were an hour later to site than I had originally planned, but damn we looked good. :) We arrived just at the beginning of morning court (and many Thanks go out to Master (Friar) Thomas for opening the door and letting all latecomers to site know that court was in progress in a very kind and courteous manner!!!) and got to see the releasing of the baronial scape goat, the sudden epiphay and assigning of Royal Scapegoats of the day, and the releasing of Edwin and Giovanna as well as the investiture of Raven and Evelyn (which rhymes by the way).

The day progressed and saw me doing the duchess's hair, and having good warm food, and visiting with many friends, and obtaining regalia, and farming it out for repairs, and watching a little bit of fighting like Thjora chasing one of her opponents across the floor... boo-ya! Then I took a small break and went with Bera to go check on Freddy the new pup, who is so irresitibly cute and sweet and loves me, but then again, who doesn't... and we got back in time to peruse the A&S and see the lovely breastplate by Eadric, and in time for court and some cool awards like Opals and Pearls and a Chiv Prize for Christian for the rapier tourney. w00t!

Feast was late, and chilly (but at least Adrianna warned us and bless her, she did the best she could with the equipment she had) but very tasty and made fun projectiles. Yes, there was massive food fight, including seige weapons, and bread balls and peas in the strangest places, and a real ICE CASTLE for us to decorate with dough boys and peeps after the performances.

There was also a telling of the origin of the Black Diamond Bread by Dirik and Otto. Funnily I noticed that the bread originated with Otto who is Old Castle, by marriage if not by lineage, and the sad left over piece of the bread that has been preserved in shelack and glue rest on a string about the neck of the newest Oldcastle Significant Other, Metylda's Dougal. That damn bread still lives on...

And then we retreated back to the hotel, after dutifully helping to clean up the kitchen and hall after the massive food fight, to prepare for the massive Alumi Party! I changed out of garb and into the EKA, er, Sigma Kappa Alpha shirt and my flannel monkey-pants and let loose the previously braided hair into a PowerPuff Fluffball on my head. The evening passed with lots of lovely company, amazingly quickly dissappearing bottles of wine and cider, pictures of folks in the black and gold shirts, a lovely play on the UnWritten first Baron of Black Diamond, and wonderful Puff bonding chatting until 3am in our lovely suite. All in all it was a great Saturday.

Sunday dawned and we gathered ourselves and our stuff and went to help clean out the party-room, and collect the blender and much less booze than was brought into the party, and said our goodbyes before passing on a return trip to MacAdo's in lieu of Souvlaki's yummy greek food. There was more driving around campus, seeing the spot where Roland and Theo shared their very first smooch, and a visit to the Tech Bookstore for Alumni paraphenalia before getting on the road.

Serendipitously we made it to NoVA in time to retrieve Roland from the airport so I drove the truck home from Mel's so the Morgensterns could snuggle in the backseat. And I came home to find that my sweetie had built us a bar for our space age basement and entertaining facility. Must get pictures, absolutely astonished. He's so productive when I leave him alone.

And finally, I said more than once this weekend while the geezing was in full effect that the good thing about being a young punk in the SCA is that I didn't have to suffer through most of the really poor sites. It was only after I arrived home that I realized that Ice Castles is the event that marks the birth of Genevieve for all intensive purposes. After only 3 days advance warning and introduction to the SCA I jumped headfirst into an event, served feast when Sorcha was head cook, made a snowman, and rode there and back in my friend of 5 days' truck. I was an idiot kid with two-toned hair (red and black) and really bad loaner garb and had a blast. That was 9 years ago. Yup, girls and boys, I still consider myself a "young punk" after nine years in the SCA.

When you're a Punk, you're a Punk all the way, from your first lil' event to your elevation day...

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