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O' Lord above, send down a dove...
2004-02-04 - 2:55 p.m.

with beak as sharp as razors
To cut the throat of them there bloaks
Who sells bad beer to sailors.

So my sweetie comes home from work last night and says that he's thinking about dinner out at the Royal Mile Pub. Since we haven't been in quite some time I'm fairly eager to give it a try. Besides, they have a fairly tasty Welsh Rarebit appetizer that isn't as good as BlackBear makes, excuse me EduCait, SnoogieBear makes, but is yummy just the same.

We head out on the somewhat slippery roads in the trusty Scarlett and make our way to the pub. I should have known from the fact that we had to park in the lot a block away that it'd be busy, but the brain doesn't always work that far in advance.

We arrive to a crowded Royal Mile and find ourselves immersed in Sea Chanties as it was the first Tuesday of the month. I confess that at first we were a bit skeptical, but in the end we tarried a bit over our meal and enjoyed the mostly good singing and the excellent atmosphere. I had my Welsh Rarebit for starters and then the standard Fish and Chips while Alan went for his staple Sausage and Mash- with the spicy mustard thankyouverymuch...

We got to listen to many songs we didn't know and surprisingly quite a few we did. There was the ubiquitous Wild Rover, and a baudy song about if a sailor has a girl in every port then each girl has a guy on every boat... But we also got to listen to, and sing along to, Sailor's Prayer, Old Maui, and Mengalay and chime in on the Chorus of some others that you catch halfway through the song. We have all experienced the joy of singing in a group, and last night was no different.

It wasn't what we set out for, but damn it was a good time. :)

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