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2002-12-13 - 4:55 p.m.

Listening to Christmas Music on 97.1 is so wonderful. There is nothing like getting you in the Holiday spirit like 24 hours of Holiday themed music. ahhh... Now if only we could get lights and decorations on the tree. There is just not enough time between now and when my family arrives next week. We'll fit it in somehow, we have to. Alan says we can wait and decorate the tree with my family when they arrive but somehow I think decorating the tree with the 3 year old and the 1 year old has to be more romantic sounding than the reality of broken ornaments and utter mayhem. I think he's just trying to get out of doing the work.

I think I have most of my Christmas family shopping done. Still a few friends to get stuff for, but the list is scaled down thankfully. I believe more people are happy enough to have the friends in their lives that breaking each others banks on gifts are not necessary. I made the pact with Shane and Gina already to not swap gifts given the tightness of budgets recently.

Now, to the lovely quizzes...

I'm either a Yellow or Blue Dragon depending on one answer. This makes me either a rare and solitary airhead or a watery tart with a tendancy to maim but not destroy. Uh, okay.

For the Mythological creature I'm either a Sphinx or (as Jake pointed out) a Fury. So I'm either the enigmatic strong silent type or likely to bite heads off calling it justice. tw33t!

As to where my soul originated from, I'm all Ocean baby. Perhaps the watery tart dragon was more on target than I think. I've always loved swimming, water, thewater element part of being a cusp Scorpio.

My Frog is the Pixie Frog that eats everything. From the Darkness quiz I came up as a Vampire. And apparently I'm a nature girl/natural beauty, which is funny since Nature seems to hate me, but I guess it's really because I just don't bother with make-up.


So, one of the unhappy parts of my brithday, besides no one from my office remembering (I had to remind Shane and he blamed Gina for not reminding him, but that's okay he took me out to lunch) was that I discovered an apparent allergy or senesitivity to mussels. This makes me extremely unhappy as I love seafood, especially the roasted mussels at Timpano's, and it is a crying shame to pay for such a lovely dinner and then yak it all back up. :( Found out the hard way (second time around) that large quantities of mussels induce the up and out reflex in my stomach, while small quantities of mussels induce the down and out reflex in the digestive system. Let's just say that it was not the way I hoped to spend my birthday night. And Emetrol did not help at all. But in the loot department, Alan got me 3 more hours working in the glass shop (that I need to schedule to play with.), Mel got me a PPG shirt and a Flake shirt from Target, Laura got me a ladybug travel toothbrush holder and some duckie stuff, and Kirsten continued the ladybug theme with an ornament for my tree and a sink strainer, and there was the ever popular $ from Mom and Dad, the Grandmothers, and Alan's mom.

Opps! Time to go swing by the Chiro and then put on my red dress!

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday at Fortunatus!

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