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hello! I'm back!
2002-12-12 - 12:48 p.m.

So, Gen has been a total slacker and not updated her diary in, oh, gee, how long has it been, well, a while at the least, oh let's go with a round 3 weeks.. yeah, I'm shocked to. And there wasn't even a major war (war like Pennsic and Gulf) involved.

So, Gen, where ya been?

Well, first of all there was a week at the Outerbanks in Duck, NC spending Thanksgiving with 11.2 friends, new and old. I think the following words adequately describe the beach without inspiring too much envy in all my dedicated readers: Lobster bisque, wet suit rental, cold ocean, luke-warm hot tub, solitaire, Spades, Hearts, shopping on Black Friday, sleeping in, whirlpool tub and bubbles, king sized bed, movies on the many TVs, Playstation and ammo monkeys, crabcakes, best mashed potatoes in the world!, ice maker on every floor, hair braiding, nail painting, Quentin and Tom's cooking, real cranberry sauce, deep fried turkey, and Baby Grace as entertainment! yeah, that about sums it up. :)

Then after return from the beach we stopped by Mike and Kirsten's for a small wine tasting party where it seemed Blackbear and I were the floor show. Have him tell you the "Bears beer in Boise" joke after a few drinks, trust me, it's fun. Sunday was Laura's surprise birthday party, which was an excellent time, and buying a real Christmas Tree for the house. Mmm... the smell of Balsam fir and cedar boughs throughout the house is lovely. Then Alan got sick for Sunday night and Monday, and I'm guessing he gave it to me. :( I was sick on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, feeling a bit better and snowed in on Thursday where I watched the full Pride and Prejudice series, and then back to feeling unwell on Friday causing me to leave early. Ugh, sick sucks.

Then there was Unevent, drive down to Richmond, cold medication, daytrip to Williamsburg for a day of meetings, my first Pel meeting, lunch with lovely friends, dinner with lovely friends, and more laying about the Niemann-Dawson Bed and Breakfast. Sunday was the truly wonderful day because not only was I feeling better, we did the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for the Art Nouveau collection of primarily belt buckles (interesting) and then Alan and I went off to IKEA for new chests of drawers for me and other random impulse buys. We got one of them assembled on Sunday night even and Alan, the wonderful man that he is, put the other together on Monday while the new fence was being installed. Yay! IKEA!

Monday was shifting clothes and furniture around the bedroom and rest of the house, Tuesday was fun shopping with Wendy to knock a few more things off our lists and wrapping presents, and Wednesday (last night) was Much Ado About Nothing by the Shakespeare Theatre at the Lansburgh downtown.

So, you see, I have been busy relaxing, being sick, shopping, working while at work on testing, and many other things to keep me from my wonderful Diaryland. The separation has been difficult, but I seem to be recovering just fine. I hope you, my fine readers, will forgive me.

And this weekend proves to be even more exciting. Friday night is a party up in Columbia MD, Saturday is an event in Palmyra VA followed by an evening in Richmond VA, and then Sunday brings an afternoon with friends in Herndon/Reston Va. party, party, party!

And of course, my own excellent family is coming to visit Alan and I the weekend before Christmas. They arrive on Thursday/Friday and leave on Sunday/Monday. I am really looking forward to seeing my parents, sisters, and brothers-in-law, if briefly before Christmas. I haven't seen the family since June in New Orleans, so this should be fun and I get to see how much more growing the nieces have done. Yay nieces!

So, now that my return entry has bored you all to tears, I will endeavor to find time to catch up on all your entries from the past 3 weeks, and perhaps come up with something a little more interesting for the next entry.

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