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need caffiene mainstream
2002-08-07 - 2:30 p.m.

I need a faster way to get caffiene into my system. They make nicotine and estrogen patches, can I have a caffiene patch? I seriously considered the caffinated mints at Target last night. I should have bought them, stupid Gen.

So, last night I go to Target looking for things like a croquet set, a fire extinguisher, 2.5 gal containers of water, and rubber duckies. Don't ask. What do I come home with? Bottled water, curtains for the dining room that don't match the ones in the living room, two new videos to entertain me in the sewing room, a lamp for the sewing room, and potassium pills. Okay, Potassium pills were on the original list too. Why, oh why do I torture myself with Target? I can't help but spend lots of $ there, it's like crack. And I even stayed away from all the cute PPG stuff. Okay, not all the PPG stuff, I got a seatbelt cover. It was on sale. Stop looking at me like that. I do not have three heads.

So to be completely on par, I stared at a new pattern in PoF, and decided I did not have the energy or time to tackle a new project before war. Instead I opted to make a second pair of venetians for Alan. This time they are turning out way better than the first ones did. It's all in the subtle curve of the crotch seam. (wonder what odd google hits will get that one?) So, everything is going smoothly with the new pair, ironing, cutting, sewing, and then the bobbin gacks! I hate it when that happens. I play with it a little here and here, trying to make it work, to no avail. I look up and the clock cruelly says 12:30am. I take it as a sign to cease and head to bed. Will attack it tonight, after errands. Stupid bobbin thwarting me... I hate that! Luckily, if I can't get it working again, that's what the second machine is for...

But then... then!!! I shut down and try to go to bed and I hear some stupid loud noise outside of the house. Sounds like punks on mopeds or something annoying like that. I peek out the front upstairs window and see chainsaw action next door, and flashing yellow lights. Hmmm... large branch must have fallen across road, nice of them to clean it up, but man, there wasn't even a storm or nothing. Luckily they had finished by the time I was done reading a chapter and finally snuggled into sleep.

Morning came way too soon. And why, oh why can I not find my lovely plastic green garb box on wheels? This perturbs me greatly. It fits most of my garb and it bloody useful, and I miss it. grumble grumble, more stuff to buy for war...

I head out tomorrow morning for the great land of pavilions and shopping. Ah, to be there. Once I'm there the projects won't matter...

eh, well, life goes on. My thoughts go out to you Kevin m'dear. Poor thing.

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