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envy us
2002-07-23 - 10:37 a.m.

Just a quick entry, really for gloating purposes. (Not that I did any of the work, mind you...) But the 8, count them 8, glastonbury chairs are done, and mostly sent off to their owners to be sanded and stained or painted. They are lovely, they are pretty reasonably comfy, they totally rock and will make our encampment kick ass this year just by their presence alone. (They will become more comfy when the sharp rough sanded edges of the arms are more rounded.) Love them, admire them, come to our encampment at Pennsic just to touch them, envy us! :)

Let's see, how many of the deadly sins did I cram into the last paragraph. Envy, Pride (huge dose of pride). Will it incite Greed in others? I'm guessing I'll get Anger/Wrath from those who attempted different chairs for Pennsic and failed... Sloth, I didn't do any work for the chairs, just making butt pillows and other camp projects. So, 5 out of 7, not too bad. I love using the vices as a check list...

And now the moment you've been waiting for, more pictures:

Once again, more pictures including pics of all 8 can be found here. Uh, and for the spreading of knowledge, here are some links I found online with decent plans for the chair. It seems to be a scan and PDF file of the Daniel Diehl article in his Medieval Furniture book. Part 1 and Part 2. This was a starting point for Alan and Kirsten, but they did do additional research instead of just going directly from Diehl's plans. Cause sometimes Diehl can be a crackhead. :)

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