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2002-07-24 - 5:18 p.m.

Song firmly stuck in the Headbone Radio: Who's that Girl, the Annie Lennox version, not the Madonna one.

... Dumb hearts get broken
Just like china cups...
The language of love
Has left me broken on the rocks.

But there's just one thing
(Just one thing)
But there's just one thing
And I really wannna know

Who's that girl
Running around with you?
Tell me
Who's that girl
Running around with you? ...

In Annie's haunting voice of course...

Not much else to add, I have completed 3 of the 4 butt and back pillows for the new chairs. I hope to finish the last one tonight infront of the boob tube. Of course I had to hand sew them shut with a latex glove on to protect my delicate fingers. (pout) Then I would like to get hopping on some new clothes for the Lan. Maybe even one outfit for Pennsic? nah... Eh, maybe. I'm just not very fast at production. Just ask Rob and Q who I owe clothes too. I'm slow and methodical. My family once tried to push me into theater costuming, but I had to decline, I just am not good at delivering by a certain date. I spend too long hand sewing just so I can get it to look just right, not that it really matters to 80% of folks out there, or that it is good enough for the other 20%. :)

well, I just have nothing to say... I'm sure I'll perk back up after a chiro adjustment. My humors must be off or something...

who's that girl........

running around with you,

Tell Me!

who's that gi-irl...

running around with you

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