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more freaky dreams
2006-10-18 - 3:00 p.m.

Quickly becoming Gen's weird ass dreams journal...

Friday night I dreamt that I was walking in a field (visiting a farm?) when someone walks up and hands me a large ziploc with a butchered lamb in it for cooking. A very small lamb since I could hold it up with one hand. So I open the bag to squish a little air out and the lamb animates (despite the fact that it is skinned and dead) and begs me not to eat it. So I had to rationalize with the lamb that he was already dead, so it wouldn't hurt, I promise. bizzare.

Saturday night I dreamt that I randomly showed up at a small local event to discover that a close friend was getting a peerage. I hadn't heard in advance and would have missed it if I hadn't happened to attend. I was very upset with their significant other and the crown, and also kept getting booted further back in the vigil line due to precedence. I woke up before I could visit or see the award given. Really freaked me out.

Aside from freaky disturbing dreams I got to relax and read and mow the lawn and go shopping this weekend, and all was well. We got a spiffy new vacuum cleaner, and Alan vacuumed the whole house on Sunday. I ran advanced teams and picked up in rooms in before the cleaner got there. We were both pleased and appalled at the amount of dirt picked up. The best part, aside from the intelliclean notifier of cleanliness, is that it is beltless, so hopefully my shed long hair pieces will choke the vacuum less often.

So, in other news, I updated my webpage some. There are new pages under string arts for sprang, and I added a page for pictures of my Mom's nalbinding. She rocks. Not to mention I was frustrated and upset with myself for having no new string, costume or other arts to add for the entirety of 2006. That's just pitiful. So I've resolved to do more artsy stuff in the coming months. I hate it when I try to track my progress and the progress is nil.

Based on that inspiration, I played with basket weaving last night using found materials in the backyard. Why? Seemed like the thing to do. We have the pond with grasses and nice long reedy fiberous materials, so it just made sense. So I made a really really sad and pitiful cattail basket last night. It's about teacup sized, I didn't follow a set pattern, but I learned many things. First, despite the plethora of natural materials, I still need to let them dry out before rewetting them for weaving. Also, testing the overall flexibility of said cattail leaves would have been wise. But now with a minor amount of internet research under my belt, I'm a little wiser and I've seen a cattail and iris leaf spiral basket that is just too cool for words.

So, who knows what is next, but despite the initial disappointing results, I am geared up for creativity. Anything and nothing could happen, so we'll see.

I've also officially hit done with my weight and am taking positive steps to end this relationship between me and my many extra pounds, and the pains that come with. I've joined the points cult and have so far lost 12 pounds in three weeks, so I am optimistic for the future. Feasts will be tough, and I don't even want to contemplate Turkey Day and Xmas, but one day at a time I vow to slim down. I'll never be super thin, but I can be less huge.

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