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enter Belle
2006-09-30 - 1:11 a.m.

Tonight it was out with the old
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and, in with the new...
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Seems like an easy decision, but it was very difficult. Scarlett and I had been so many places together- Cuan and Padraiga's wedding in Ohio, Gulf Wars with Thjora, Aryanna's reign, toted so much royal stuff to Crowns and Coronations, taken me on extensive road trips to SC and many a family stop in Hickory. There are a lot of memories tied up in that truck that I do get to take with me, but she was such a good vehicle. I never got in an accident or caught a speeding ticket in her. She was the vehicle I'd owned for the longest amount of time, and I did have a minor breakdown Friday morning with the thought of selling her.

Now, let's hope that the same luck and many more happy memories will be formed with Belle. I know she doesn't look that different, but she is 7 years newer, has 92100 fewer miles, lots of new safety features, and a warranty. :) When I admitted my weepiness to Mel about giving up Scarlett, she reminded me f the repair bills I won't have to pay, and the new car smell...
Thanks Mel!

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