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it's all been done...
2006-06-23 - 3:41 p.m.

Same sh1t, different week.

Still achy and sore. Test for Lyme Disease came up negative. Still achy. Diff't meds not cutting it, have follow-up appt. on Monday. Really just need to exercise more and lose weight. Vicious cycle when plagued with soreness and fatique. bleh.

Assessment was fun, no ticks on me that I could find. I made string for P so DangerBaby might not choke/decapitate/break mommy's chain on her rose medalion. DangerBaby very cute.

New batch of CD's arrived. These with plastic sealed overwrap barcode and better color saturation.

Woodworking will commence for new sideboards for the kitchen tent for Pennsic this weekend. Happy Kirsten visiting. I plan to pull out a huge pile of mending to do. No desire to make grocery store run tho.

Nap is calling me.

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