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2006-06-15 - 11:51 p.m.

So for some reason I've been beyond achy this week. All the joints are miserably stiff. Started with the knees on Tuesday, but last night doing laundry was tough to fold with achy hands, and now hands, back, neck, knees, jaw, etc. Just ow. I'm glad Alan didn't use up his pain meds from surgeries. :) Hoping it is a phase that will pass, and hopefully soon.

Last weekend was fun, had a great cookout with friends, cleaned the bathroom, played with the puppies while Alan and Kirsten worked on our new bed for Pennsic, watched bad TV, had delivery sushi, made a small IKEA run and started a new book.

Okay, so I'm going to make a totally shameless plug. Anyone bored, who has listened to the Lost Cause CD, and liked it, please sign our guestbook saying so. Please... Just click here. Thanks! If you haven't heard our CD, what are you waiting for? I usually have copies available for sale on me.

See some of you this weekend at Assessment...

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