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Sapphire round-up
2006-06-02 - 3:32 p.m.

Okay, I know I went to Sapphire. I know I had fun in parts. I know a meeting happened. I know the regalia display happened. I know court happened. I swear though, I'm coming up short on details. Perhaps a brainstorm.

I know I was too tired to go listen to the lovely bardic on Sat. night. I know I wore my purple Roman on Sat and wished I had worn my green Roman on Sun. I know I got grief from some random passers-by for packing up the Regalia history display so soon on Sunday. (3pm, when we were off site at 7pm, puhleeze!) I know Corby and Philip cooked us steaks for dinner on Sat. night while armouring up for the evening tourneys. I know I unexpectedly smiled every time I saw the autocrat drive by in her cart for some reason. I know I missed both the Dolphin and Pearl meetings. I know I played with some hair. I know I slept better Sat. night than Fri. night. I know I had a gift of chocolate cake on Sat. morning. I know I could really use a nap now.

Some of the best parts were:

For Pictures of the last item, click here:

And now I have to visit the Chiropractor and the Grocery store before waiting for traffic to subside to get on the road for University this weekend!

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