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Fish run, Sapphire prep
2006-05-25 - 5:00 p.m.

This past weekend was the absolute best. I had so much fun at the Baltimore Aquarium with my sweetie, the AoD and her Bob. Sabatino's food was not to be overrated, and the cannolis were divine. I've uploaded some photos of our trip to the aquarium- all animals, no people. Alan had many random mutterings of needing a bigger tank and indoor waterfall which I promptly squarshed.

I've also uploaded Kynny's pictures of the Light Saber fighting Friday night of Night on the Town. Now that was a hoot.

This week has been full of regalia sorting frustrations and evil dust, resume sorting for potential new hire, readying Lookin' for an E for another production run, fetching new basement furniture, etc. I can't wait for Sapphire...

to be over...

Just Kidding!

We'll have our shade on the field, I'll have regalia history to attend to, oh and the fun fun meetings. Hooray! Let's hope the thunderstorms stay to a minimum please.

See you monkeys down there...

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