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Irises, moving and Crown
2006-05-15 - 3:43 p.m.

Oh happy day! Our first two Gyrth irises in the pond bloomed yesterday. It was great to see them go from bud to fully open in one day. Lucky it happened on a day we were home. They always make me think of the big guy with a big smile.

Yesterday, aside from pausing for iris-bloom watch, I slept in, made banana nut bread and triple chocolate brownies, had Outback takeaway for dinner, talked to the parents a bit, and in general had a relaxing Sunday. Saturday was working Commencement, getting regalia stuff from Grendel and such, then relaxing. I went and saw United 93 in the theater, which was a very powerful movie. I thought it was extremely well done, definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

Last week was a bit of a blur as I spent one day packing for my office move, one day moving and one day unpacking. At the University for 8 years, I've had 3 cubes in 6.5 years and now 3 offices in 1.5 years. The new office space is interesting, since it is in the turn of the hallway. Instead of my 10x12, I have 10 across the front, 12 down the right hand side, 6 at the back that then angles back up to the 10 at the front. I think I've made it work okay. The reason I had to make brownies on Sunday is that due to my office move I forgot to submit paperwork requested on Tuesday until Thursday, and asked the folks that prepare laptops for loan to perform a rush job due to my own stupidity. I hate that, so as penance, I promised them brownies delivered today at lunch time.

The weekend previous to last was Crown Tourney. In continuing to play with the new camera, I got a few usuable pics now posted to my site. Sadly I just can't spend an entire day behind a lens getting the perfect shot as we had a tent to set-up, furniture to arrange, Prince and Princess stuff to transfer, hair to be done, string teaching to be done, and too much socializing to do to spend behind a camera. And I'm really not that good, so there you go.

The tourney was wonderful and intense and full of pagentry, and while I disliked the roving boy scouts, I appreciated the hot dog that came to me in my time of need. All the fighters did well, and congrats to Ragnarr and Anneke, our newest Prince and Princess. It was good to spend some time with the Spanish Peahen, my Bera, chatted with some of the free-range modern ladies about string stuff, and helped Philip care for the Corby. It's really a two squire job, so I was happy to do the fresh drinking water aspect while he dealt with armor. Corby sent Thjora's rose home from the event with me, and I kept in in water nicely fragrant in the kitchen for now a whole week. Excellent quality roses, great execution on giving them out with water vials attached so they didn't completely whither over the warm day.

Monday has arrived and my brain seems fairly shot for no reason. I initially went to the old office to deliver the brownies, and I've been a bit of a zombie all day. I think I need a nap. I wonder if any more irises bloomed today?

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