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Night on the Town Success
2006-04-17 - 11:53 a.m.


What a lovely event this weekend. The weather was perfect, the company was enjoyable, and the food was excellent. In those respects the event was a great success. 63 fighters and marshals signed in at the MOL table, and they all appeared to have a good time.

Set-up on Friday went well; got canvas in the air fairly quickly, the hall decorated and laid out as we wanted, and some social time at the Troll/MOL table. Freddy had Red, Hot and Blue cater ribs, BBQ Chicken, beans, mac n'chz to site to feed the set-up crew, which was wonderful. I taught the Hun-e-B a bit of fingerloop braiding (and I found the pink sample after you left for clean-up, so I have it to return) and we got to witness light-saber fighting, which Matt got great pics of. And everyone was in bed by midnight in preparation for the upcoming days activities.

Saturday started with a quick breakfast of left-over BBQ chicken, and immediately to opening the MOL table early. Most of the morning was handling sign-in and authorization paperwork. Then after lunch, I taught a few ladies how to do some fingerloop braiding and some lucetting. Sold a few surplus KWAR 2005 t-shirts, got to visit with some friends, and then we sat down to a very delicious feast. Lost Cause sang two mini-sets during feast, and wished the Shire of Roxbury Mill a Happy 10th Birthday. After feast Alan took Alyce officially as a new Cadet, and passed on Kynny's baldric to her in a nice ceremony with friends around on the field. Then we went back to the kitchen to pack up extra food and clean the kitchen, before retiring to the firepit for fine company, a roaring fire and a fun bardic circle. We got to meet a new lady from Sacred Stone, and several new guys from Highland Foorde who all authorized that day.

Sunday was clean-up, which went smoothly and quickly. Considering we slept in until 8ish, we got the tents down, the cabins swept, the kitchen scrubbed, took out the trash, and were done by 12:30pm. Alan and I were home by 1:30, and had everything in the truck unpacked by 2:30, including the dreaded tourney fence.

And now, I just want to sign off, decompress, and go read a book... You guys missed a fun fun event. Hope everyone had a good time at TOC.

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