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Hail to the King, baby!
2006-04-04 - 11:56 a.m.

Coronation was a lovely event.  After the whole transfer of Royal Stuff (urgh is my truck packed) it was a nice relaxing day.  I pretty much stayed in the hall and socialized with folks.  Got to "Your Excellency" Cat a couple of times, just to acclimate her don't ya know.  Miguel has a new pink wood that I hope to get a lucet of, and I got to talk to Aldred about a new retinue bling idea of Seonaid's.  Coronation was lovely except for the lady who was talking through the solemn time in an outside voice.  Sheesh, if you don't want to watch and listen, just leave.  I thought Michael and Seonaid looked charming, and were wonderfully engaging with the populace.  I got to chat with Her Majesty a bit, both just some catching up and some Royal stuff talk- plans for the future, heraldry ideas and irregularities, etc.  Feast was faboo, not that we expected any less.  I did, through necessity, discover a way to dislodge a piece of chitinous material (shrimp peel) from the back of my throat.  Gargle with Coke.  Disgusting, but worked.    We had excellent company, lively discussion, wonderful food, and the evening "entertainment" thanks to Cuan's meddling.  I got to spend (Pod and Theo envy inducing) time with baby Ben as we played and he drooled on me, and used me as a chew toy.  What a happy baby he is, didn't even cry when the loud train woke him up from his nap, just looked pissed.  It truly was baby central, in a mostly good way. :)

Alan and I decided instead of day tripping, to get a room at the hotel where everyone else was and party into the night.  It was great to hang out with folks, Amy Punch was tasty stuff, fascinating people to talk to.  I got a nice chat with Gracie in one suite, got to witness the creation of the next Golden Penguin, tried tequila that wasn't evil (Patron), listened in on fighter talk and in general had a great time catching up with folks from all over.  When Alan and I finally crashed at 2, er 3 thanks to DST, I had to head back to the front desk as the maid neglected to put both a top and bottom sheet on our bed.  sheesh.  We were up and heading out around 9:30am, and took an hour to actually escape the hotel as we had to get crown leases signed, get money for CD's from folks, say good byes, again and again, and then finally make our way to the Waffle House for some good stick to your ribs brunch.  The rest of Sunday was spent unpacking the truck, assessing the stuff that needs repair/cleaning before storage, clean up, 'fodil picking for bouquets in the house, napping, and then taxes...  ew.

Before Coronation though was Bob's party, epic in size as we played with the Elvis theme.  It seems that Bob's parties are related to hair dye for me, as I went a few shades darker temporarily for my costume.  I made a dress from some fabric my mom had brought back from Hawaii to play the part of Lilo.  The costumes this year were amazing.  Loved Bob's gold lame suit and painted shoes.  Very very cool.  The two old Elvises complete with white jump suits and walkers were a scream.  Elvis's momma was just down right disturbing and detailed, to the research, muumuu and cigarette behind her ear.  Bubba Ho/Glo Temp involved the most makeup and the most obscure.  I adored Lisette's big hair and the hostess's red pleather jumpsuit.  We decorated the house, and especially the basement in pictures and posters of Elvis, young and old, and pink hearts and smooch stickers and 50's rock and roll themed decor, complete with Velvet Elvis over the mantel.  The food as always was excellent, even, dare I say, the mini deep fried peanut butter and 'nanner sandwiches.  The cake this year was a cupcake Elvis shrine ala Jailhouse Rock complete with vinyl figurine centerpiece and sparkler candles.  Medb and Vlad brought fixin's for Blue Hawaii drinks which were very tasty and kept me going most of the night.  And the karaoke/sing along was very very fun and funny.  We had a nice crew of folks, and finally kicked people out around 2am, I think.  Good times, good times.

Now, I'm just battling a sore right arm, all the joints are sore whining monkeys from elbow down to fingers.  Not sure which is worse, the pain or the occasional numbness... Don't know why, not sure what to do about it other than ibuprofen and rest.  Or course I am now reminded of the part in Henry V where Katherine and her maid are learning English- d'elbow, de fingres, da nails...

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