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2006-03-07 - 9:41 p.m.

Still sick

The cough that lasted two full weeks deep in my chest, finally abated on Friday to let me be human on Saturday at KA&SFest. Only to return to my head on Monday in the form of serious sinus pain headache. I have to eat soft foods since chewing/crunching just makes it worse, sore jaw. blah. So, I'm better in some respects and worse in many others. phooey.

KA&SFest was pretty cool. Loved Mathidle's fabulous display and chatting with her about all things fiber to food. It was awesome. Had a good time hanging out with fun friends and looking at cool stuff. Loved hanging out at the Spanish Peacock booth during the impromptu bardic circle. Had a good road trip with the Isobel, til the end when I took a wrong turn and ended up in DC and had to triangulate to find our way out...

To be lazy, here's the latest quetionaire, with some questions edited out...

1. What is your occupation? Senior Instructional Support Specialist. Does that tell you anything? Me neither.

2. What color are your socks right now? Pink lucky ankle socks

3. What are you listening to right now? Project Runway rerun and the pounding in my head.

4. What was the last thing that you ate? Leftover Chicken Saag takeout

5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yup, learned on a Toyata Supra, so can drive most manual shifts. But I own automatics since the husband can't and over time it bugs my hip, ankle and wrist. sigh.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Um, some shade of pink? Let's choose pomegranate this time.

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? I've been screening calls, so haven't spoken on the phone since Tara last night.

8. How old are you today? 30, still younger than most of you. :)

9. Favorite drink? Diet Coke, sometimes with Rum

10. What is your favorite sport to watch? I thought the winter Olympics were entralling, especially on the big screen in the basement. In general though, I like the sport of human interaction and witty repartee.

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Lots in the 20's, but not since the pink last year for Bob's party

12. Do you wear contacts or glasses? glasses for the past two years... contemplating contacts

13. Pets? a bazillion fish in the now THREE fish tanks and pond, oh and dust bunnies

14. Favorite food? lately, Indian Food. Perhaps the spice is necessary with the sickness. Indian food and Pad Thai have become comfort food.

15. What was the last movie you watched? Return of the King on cable as I did a little handsewing.

16. Favorite day of the year? Either the day after everything is set-up at Pennsic, or the day I set-up the Christmas tree.

17. What do you do to vent anger? Yell at the computer screen, when applicable, kick/hit things, cry

18. What was your favorite toy as a child? barbies and horse models

19. Fall or spring? Both make me sneeze, but Fall is nicer with the cooling down.

20. Hugs or kisses? A little of both, depending on the giver, right now, just leave me and my fleecy blankie alone.

21. Cherry or Blueberry? Blue food is best food

22. Living arrangements? House in MD with husband and fish

23. When was the last time you cried? Friday night in frustration

24. What is on the floor of your closet? Carpet, Alan's neatly stacked shoe rack

25. Who is the friend you have had the longest? My sisters

26. What did you do last night? sewed? it's all a blur

27. Favorite smells? yummy foods, natural roses, fresh daffodils.

28. What inspires you? string, beautiful paintings, the amazing works of others

29. What are you afraid of? Being forgettable

30. Favorite Hamburger? Bacon BBQ Burger either from Ruby Tuesdays or Harry's up the street.

31. Favorite car? I adore my Ford Explorer

32. Favorite dog breed? Mutts are best

33. Number of keys on your key ring? 7

34. How many credit cards do you have? Too many

35. Favorite day of the week? Love Saturdays since no office, Thursdays are always bittersweet with weekly work meetings topped off with music practice.

36. How many states have you lived in? 3- NC, VA, MD- worked my way North

37. Favorite holiday? Bob's Birthday

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