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2006-02-23 - 3:27 p.m.

I've tried to update a couple of times recently and utterly failed at inspiration. I'm not terribly inspired today either, unless you count the drug induced haze.

Yup folks, Gen's been sick all week long. Chest rattling cough sick. So sick that I couldn't do much beyond sleep and watch TV on Monday and Tuesday. I've been working from home for the past two days including coughing on a conference call and drafting an article while on codiene. Naps are still a crucial part of the day.

Since completing the new website, I've put in a few re-directs from the old site to the new one. Karen has also been nice enough to relink any articles on the Atlantian A&S links site, which was very cool of her. University was fun hanging out with the Moores, good glass classes, and uber fun hanging with the Hrothny HResearch library.

Ymir was wet, but still fun. Sadly the rapier tourney was cancelled, so nothing but paperwork for the Gen at that MOL table. Great ladies came and helped out, and we had a good time until we wrapped it up in search of drier ground. Got to visit Ysolt on her Vigil that was well done, especially the emergency move up the mudslide of a hill. Got to spend a good bit of time chatting with the Bera in the Royal lodge kitchen during the chiv meeting. Court was well done, and then Alan, Thjora and I retreated to our hotel room for dry clothes, yummy food at the Applebee's, and then hanging out with charming Dun Carriag folks and the Pink Apprentice.

I feel the need to give a shout out of congrats to the wild Thornburys on welcoming their darling son to the world. Hooray Tommy! Can't wait to meet him, but will not while even remotely still sick.

Since then time has been spent managing a tempest in a teapot here that no one outside really cares about. If you are going to Tournament of Chivlary, go to TOC. If you don't have plans for the Sat of Easter/Passover weekend, come on out to Night on the Town. If you fight rapier, you won't be disappointed.

Last little bit of news is that I got inked again. Pictures might come once it is done healing. ankle+ink=pain

Speaking of healing, off to take more medicine...

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