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We wish you a Merry Christmas...
2004-12-20 - 11:42 a.m.

With apologies to Shel Silverstein:

For Sale

One dalek for sale!
One dalek for sale!
One sitting and spitting cute dalek for sale!
I’m really not kidding,
So who’ll start the bidding?
Do I hear the dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
A Dr. Who fan to buy this dalek for sale,
This sitting and spitting cute dalek for sale?
Note: Dalek doesn't actually spit, or do anything really... Inquiries should be sent to the Angel of Death

Pericles was lovely. I was excessively amused by the play, and especially the theatrics. Best use of yards of silk in a long time. Most Innovative ideas for the various crowns the different kings/queens wore. Most Laughs and Cries in one performance. I dare you to find a person, not Alan, who didn't cry at the father-daughter reunion, and someone who didn't laugh at the ENTER PIRATES!. What a damn entertaining performance. It was a very well needed break from singing and sewing. And I got my skirt hemmed by 2am.

Our Victorian Christmas was fun caroling at Borders. I think my outfit turned out pretty faboo, and will really be so once I fix the hem on the coat. And it didn't hurt that it was comfy, if warm, to wear. And I matched the boys, which amused me at least. AoD of course looked exceedingly striking in her purple Miss Kitty wear. I didn't completely suck, but still have a long ways to go to greatness ;). Much thanks to all who came out to listen to us. Sorry to the Maxsons who arrived in time for a late dinner at Longhorn. It was also really nice to have it over with and be able to listen to other Christmas music without fear of throwing myself way off.

Friday night was the Lochmere Bardic Get Together. I took the gingerbread cookies I made on Thursday to there, but periously many made their way home with us. It was a very fun night full of music, good food, stories, and scotch. mmmm....

Saturday was the opportunity to sleep in. My brain however roughly woke me at 9:30am with a strange dream.
--It involved being at an event, trying to fix the corner of a tent that had fallen down but not being able to. See, instead of tent poles, they used ducks. Whoever was around wouldn't help me wrangle the ducks and make them be tent poles, and apparently Efenwalt was the one who knew the trick and could make the ducks behave.--

Soundly shaken awake by those events, I head downstairs to Christmas Cards, gingerbread cookies and Diet Coke for breakfast and home improvement shows on the tube. We did eventually get our lights fixed, our little tree up, and other festive decorations spread about the house. Alan joked about the 12 days spent decorating for Christmas, instead of enjoying the holidays.

Punctuating the weirdness this holiday season, a nasty Great Blue Heron has discovered our backyard pond, full of tasty koi. Stupid, stupid bird.
We will now have a moment of silence for one of our large calico koi. She was found on Friday behind the bog rather missing several critical internal organs. The evil bird apparently also captured one of our grayback koi, but we startled him away before said fishy could be torn to bits. Alan went to go bury said fish a few hours later and discovered it still breathing, so back into the pond it went and we haven't seen it re-emerge as a floater yet. Freaky carp. The cold water will probably help slow any damage and infection to give the fish a chance to heal the scratched up side. But no blood, so that's good. (How it survived a few hours out of water I'm still not sure...)
We probably won't really know if Old Cranky got more of our fish until Spring when we can take a bit of a head count. Friday Alan got bird netting to place over the deep end of the pond, and blissfully we haven't seen the stupid bird since. Thank goodness! Of course then we spy the stupid fish swimming to the unprotected shallow end on Saturday. sigh, Darwinism.

Saturday night was a laid back shindig at the AoD's where we got to oogle her tree, pull some crackers (the paper kind with presents...), eat nummy snacks, and hang out in good company. Sunday was duckless dreamless sleeping in, with more decorating and online shopping. We also watched TLC practically all day, and saw Love Actually and MiB on TV, while enjoying the nice toasty fire (in the fireplace.)

Alan and I are off to Cape Cod for a few days for the holiays. It will be very good to see his family again. Then I plan to come home and relax for a week, with no work, and hopefully not too much other stuff to do. I got a cool skien of chunky yarn from JoAnn's to knit myself a silly scarf, hopefully on the plane rides and inbetween times. I also have a book on loan from the fabulous Mel TY that I plan to sink my teeth into. Ah, the holidays, kinda crappy on the lead up to, but I am looking forward to the time away from work and obligations.

Since we will have to take a pass on the trip out west for Teri's wedding, we are eagerly accepting New Year's invitations to cat-free parties. Then again, we could host, but I think it's too late really to throw something together now.

But I will leave you with the lyrics to a Christmas song I had never heard before: Christmas in the Trenches
Lessons about the true meaning of the holidays are all around. And yeah, while I thought about sending care packages to soldiers instead of gifts to my family, I ended up splitting the difference and just sending a care package to any soldier SPC Mark Smith and his boys in Iraq, and light presents to family.

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