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'Tis the Season...
2004-12-10 - 10:06 a.m.

Hello monkeys,

So much has happened, but first...

Are you bored this Saturday Night?
Are you within an hour of Greenbelt MD?
Do you wanna hear some cool music?
Come on, you know you do....
Well, do I have the solution for you, and it'll only cost you $10.
Click to enlarge.

Chromatics flyer

Alan and I'll be there, so you can come hang out with us. :)

Unevent was, well full of damn meetings, but what do you expect. At least we got a bulk of business done in one day. Dinner out with friends, and muppet pelts... And then Alan and I went back to our hotel to soak in the whirlpool tub and watch a movie and fall asleep early. Meetings are tiring.

The Thanksgiving trip to the OBX was lots of fun, v. relaxing. I caught up on some reading, walked on the beach, soaked in the hot tub, jumped in the cold cold ocean, watched way more Baby Einstein than I ever thought possible, and ate lots of really good food. We had photo ops with Shane (er, Legolas cardboard cut out), Brian and MENG (Eomer action figure and Barbie) in various places such as the hot tub, Bouy #1, on the porch drinking, in the ocean, and in bed... I held my own at Texas Hold Em Poker, and played my first game of settlers of Catan and won. :) The beds were comfy, the house was nice and new, even if the acoustics in the great room (vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, no carpets, lots of voices...) were occasionally maddening.

For my birthday I got a lovely ladybug bowl from my favorite Morgensterns, a Bun Bun beanie from my favorite Angel of Death, calls from family and my favorite Chris and Bera, HP3 from the best Mel, and Alan treated me to a spa day where I got a nice massage and pedicure. ah.... We also went out for massive amounts of seafood and fruity rum drinks, which was lots of fun. I still have a big blue parrot mug that is now the watchdog for the alien bar.
Parrots... In... Space...

Lastly, and very sadly, there was a whale who had shuffled off her mortal coil and washed ashore on Turkey Day. We had heard there was a beached whale and decided to walk down to see it. Of course we thought there was a possibility of rescue, and hey, how often do you get to see a whale? It was a very long walk. The poor creature had apparently been accidentally hit by a military vessel in the Chesapeake Bay and lost half of her tail, causing her to bleed to death. The Stranding Team and educational volunteers there told us she was a rare Right Whale (less than 400 exist), and approximately 30 years old. It was a very long and somber walk back to the beach house with very sleepy children, and none of us had thought to bring a celly to call the Magic players to come pick us up.

Wow, what a bummer.


My victorian outfit (~1890's wool walking suit) is coming along slowly but nicely. I have a jacket that needs sleeves and I still have to make the skirt, but the blouse and jacket look pretty darn cool to me. It is kinda fun to do something out of period. I also managed to eek out writing a dozen Xmas cards, with more to follow, but time is at a premium. And I could really use some sleep. Too many late nights in the past two weeks.

We'll be at CM Investiture for the morning and early afternoon tomorrow before returning for the Lost Cause performance on Sat night. Looking forward to seeing many of you there...

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