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OBX, Day 1
2004-11-21 - 10:21 a.m.

We made it to the beach last night, safe and sound. Arrived just in time to see the place, unload and unpack into our Ocean View room and then Ms. Gina had dinner ready. Some low fat chicken enchilada roll or something, which was surprisingly tasty, especially with the addition of real sour cream. :) Then we watched an old Clint Eastwood film, and sat and chatted and played with Baby Zach, and listened to Matt bemoaning the lack of ESPN. Personally I'm missing TLC, but I brought books and sewing, and my laptop.
I also got to be the first person to crack open an alcoholic drinky down here. But I most certainly wasn't the last.
Oh, my laptop. I am rediscovering the horrors of dial up internet.
The Horror! The Horror....
I've been spoiled in the high speed wireless world. This world does not exist down here at the beach. Although I hear there is an internet cafe at the bookstore not to far away. I can go there if I get desperate. I hope that won't come to pass.
There also appears to be a day spa not too far away, and for that I am grateful and anticipatory for tomorrow. Today we planned the following activities: bumming around, maybe a beach walk, reading, etc. aka: not being home, cleaning, running errands or going to work tomorrow.
We've already had some pictures of Meng* with some cranberry Mike's, and Shane* during one of his brief sojourns in from a cigarette break. Shaping up to be a fine week. :)

That's all for now. Take care monkeys!

*Note: Meng and Shane aren't here physically, but they are here in spirit. :)

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